Filtering game feed

Sometimes I need to check the feed on a single student but the game feed includes the feed of all game. It would be nice the possibility of filtering the feed on each student.

Thanks for all the hard work from your team’s end! I’ll be excitedly awaiting new features now that you’ve “teased” things out so well!

Hi Ismael,

We'll definitely be adding options to filter the game feed in the future!

Sometimes I give xp to most of the class for things like being on-task or doing the Pledge of Allegiance.  This causes some serious game-feed spam.  It would be nice if the feed didn't get spammed, it would make it easier for me to review to find single events (and the filter would help too)

For instance, maybe it could say something like 28 students received 60 XP for being on-task, and maybe I could click on the 28 if I really wanted to see which students got the xp

It would also be great if we could filter by type.  I'd love to hide all the instances of them training their pets, or only show daily events, or only show when they use a power, depending on what I'm using the feed for.  When their daily event is something like "Powers give double XP", I have a lot of scrolling to do to see what powers they used.  :)

I would love to see a consolidation of the feed. Right now, if a player uses a power like heal, there are four different notifications in the feed: Player A used Heal 1 on Player B, Player A gained X amount of XP, Player A lost 15 AP, Player B gained 10 HP. It seems excessive to have so many notifications on the feed for one single action. It makes looking through the feed clunky and overloaded. It would be great if all the information for a single action is shown in one notification.

In addition, I personally would like to have a "Player Feed" where if I click on the avatar of a player or filter for their name, I can see their specific actions they have taken. When one of my students uses a customizable power I usually need to make sure they actually spent the AP and then apply the power manually and checking the feed with all the possible feed spam (especially after rewarding the class for something) is overly time consuming.

A little off topic, but I would also second being able to customize more powers. Right now, I have to check my feed to see what powers were used and then manually apply them which can be a pain (but still worth it for the fun of really cool powers). I would like to be able to modify AP costs and gains for the game mechanic powers like Heal, Protect and Mana Transfer. I personally don't like how the mana transfer only works for non-mages as there couldn't be a "mana transfer chain" due to the initial cost. Also, Heal 2 becomes useless when you have Heal 3 as they both cost the same AP. I like the concept of using the most suited ability for what you want to accomplish. So being able to modify Heal 2 to cost 18 AP would be nice to be able to do if the teacher wanted.

If we want to get really crazy, we could create some of our own powers that have durations/timers on them. For example, a healer could cast Divine Intervention on a player on their team which would automatically trigger and heal said player for 30 HP if they fall below 5 HP. This ability acts like a buff and could have a duration of 3 days. Another healer idea is a Heal over Time power that could add to the HP generation of your team for a week. Mages could have a similar ability but for AP on a single target or group. If it isn't possible to let teachers create these for coding reasons, then maybe have a pool of extras that we can swap in. If mages have 4 "preset collaborative powers" have 8 options we can put into those slots.

I then think it would be really cool to bring in the concept of out of group abilities. Maybe when they get to level 10 (or a level that the teacher can set), they can gain the ability to use some of their collaborative powers on other groups creating the possibility for even more class collaboration. 


Looks like a multi-type game feed edit option would be best. I would like to see which students have fallen in battle and how often, among other things. 

I like the idea of being able to customize your game feed. I'll add this to our suggestions list!

Thanks for your feedback, everyone! 


I also personally really like your ideas, Ken, about potential changes to powers. What we need to keep in mind is that there is a huge number of teachers out there that are not gamers and are not familiar with these complex game mechanics.

That might be hard to believe, but it's not rare that we find ourselves explaining what GP, XP or HP are.

I think that it's a great idea to have a filtered game feed.  I think it's even one of the ideas we discussed in our video conference, Andrew :)  The concept of being able, as a teacher, to specifically see when Powers are being used would be very valuable, especially when it comes to powers that allow for late submission of assignments or the use of electronics/music in class.  Sorting through all the activity for pets makes finding such instances tedious.  I know it's totally a first-world problem (and a good problem to have because it represents how involved students are in the gameplay), but when it comes to time management in the classroom, every minute or two (sometimes more) helps.  Perhaps an over-the-summer extra "treat" for teachers coming back at the beginning of August to start their year?

Hey, Charlie!

Always great ideas! I know there is work being done in that direction as we speak. You'll all have more than just a few over-the-summer surprises! 

I can't wait for all the new sweet changes to be ready so that we can share and high-five teachers even more for all of their valuable hard work! 

Thanks for the kind words, Charlie! 

You rock! 

So if I understand correctly, I don't have access to a single student's feed...but they do when they are logged in , as do their parents? So if I want to discuss something specific with either the student or parent, I can ask them to log in to the game? 

Thanks, we are having tons of fun with this game and it's keeping my classroom rolling! :D


Hi Suzanne!

I'm happy to hear that Classcraft has helped your classroom so far! :)

That is correct -- you can ask the student or parent to login in order to see their game feed, which shows specific events done in Classcraft in the past. You can also go to your Analytics page if you have Classcraft premium. Classcraft Analytics allows you to dive deeper into the points (XP, GP, HP), on specific dates with a detailed graph-view!

Hope this helps! 

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