[Solved] Understanding how points are awarded / tracked

The above image leads me to believe that the student has 93 XP out of a possible 666 XP available in the class. I would love to see a detailed report of how the student received those 93 XP - seems like I can get some of it from the game feed, but that is not specific to the student.

I may be using Classcraft different than many of you. My goal is to use XP purely for assignments / tasks that are approved and that will equate to levels which will directly equate to student grades at the end of the quarter (i.e. reaching level 3 is a C, level 6 a B, level 9 an A, or something like that. It seems like many behaviors earn students XP and GP. My thought is that I would use GP for the behavior part and let kids purchase things (game time at lunch, etc) with their GP. 

Any insight about how I can see the breakdown of XP in my class (I realize where it is when I assign it, but there are other things I think happening that automatically award XP) as well as the breakdown of a particular student and their awards and consequences to show how their points were tabulated.

Thanks for any help!

Hi Steve,

I think you need the Premium Account for this. There you can see the points specific to the students. This is under the analysis button, there you can see every student and when you gave points and why you gave points. There are the points tabulated.  But this is only possible with the premium Account. I hope this was helpful for you.

Best wishes


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