Quest Dependency

Hello, I have a quick question regarding quests.

I am currently using multiple systems to achieve my classroom goals.

I mainly use Classcraft for the GP and reward based system, although the extrinsic reward suggestions are simply not feasible in an equity based school system (e.g. extra time on a test, etc....parents would flip out at these advantages)

However, I use another Gamification site to handle my Course Quest structure (Quests have dependencies attached, such as other quests or XP minimums before they are visible to the user)  This creates a quest tree with diverging path possibilities and a student paced environment.  On that system, I have over 80 separate quests and they all fit in a specific point to force scaffolded learning, yet freedom of choice at key points in the content.

With Classcraft's integration of Google Classroom and now their new Quest system, I am seriously considering switching over to Classcraft's premium option.  However, I can only do this if the Classcraft Quest system allows for this dependency.

I am not a premium member yet, so I haven't been able to try out the quest system.  If someone could let me know if this dependency system exists or if it is in the works and a release time frame, this would be very appreciated.

Thank you for your help.




The more I look into this feature the more I like it.  I think I can simulate what I was describing above in another way.  I was thinking of a Quest as a Unit in a course.  However, if I make the entire course in one Quest I would be able to set up the tree structure using sub-objectives within the quest.  This is nice, but it is going to get very crowded on that map very quickly.  It would still be nice if you could limit Quest access with prerequisite criteria, XP, Quest/Objective completion, etc.

I do have a few other questions I hope someone will be able to help me with as well.

Can you require the completion of multiple objectives before unlocking a specific objective?  Basically more than one required path leading into a single objective to make the next objective visible?

Can you set other criteria, such as XP, to make an objective possible as well.

Is the objective approval system automated, or does it require teacher eyes on and hands on?  I would be ideal if both were possible.  I wouldn't want to halt a student's progress because I didn't check they were done a small task.

I hate to throw another name of a potential competitor out there, so I will use the "old" name, but I imagine you're thinking of 3dgamelabs and I've used their system before. I like the badges/achievements and the ability to vary requirements before a quest would "open up" for the kids.

My understanding, though I haven't had time to go in and delve into it myself, is the quests will eventually have quizzes and such to allow student "self-completion" for lack of a better term where the teacher doesn't have to click off on it.

But moreso, I wanted to comment on your post because some of the points you raise are extremely important, IMO, especially considering quests are suppsoed to be in "beta".

I want to see quests where you need to complete a couple other quests before it's available. The multiple objectives you speak of.

There was another post elsewhere that listed a wish list of features and I most certainly want to see more of these features available before I dive into creating quests myself. I don't want simple linear quests, but I also want students to find a reason to pursue alternate paths.

The alternative paths are key in giving students ownership over their learning.  On top of this, it gives the possibility of optional side quests the students have the choice of pursuing based on interest.

For example, I teach computer science and we have a strong push towards game development in our classes.  So in our current system, there are optional side quests for different game development skills they may or may not need.  One may be for particle systems, whereas another may be for artificial intelligence.  Of course, depending on the game they are making they can focus on the lessons they need at that moment.

I believe this choice is crucial for intrinsic motivation.

Another key element missing in our current system is quality metrics of all things, quest progression, on an individual and group scale.

I am really hoping Classcraft can implement these types of features in the future.

>>Is the objective approval system automated, or does it require teacher eyes on and hands on?  I would be ideal if both were possible.  I wouldn't want to halt a student's progress because I didn't check they were done a small task.


This is what sticks for me.  You have to 'grade' the students work basically click the green check mark to allow them to move to the next point.   I have a problem because my modules are 'self guided learning' areas where I want them to progress without intervention.  

I also find it hard because I don't see any easy way to see what submitted by a student.  So I go to the main quest page which list all the quest lines and I have to drill into the quest series, then the actual quests and see who has completed what.  That is time consuming when you have several quest lines open for different learning groups.  I would love to see a summary so to speak of 'here has what has been submitted that has not been 'approved', especially if I need to ok them to continue on in the chains. 

I would also love to have quest line pre-requisites. You have to complete this quest line to access this quest line type logic. 



In a quest, (I was using one today for a class period), is there a way for me to set it up so I don't have to manually check off each quest item?  It became very unmanageable once the kids started going at their own pace. My class sizes are pretty big, too, so that was cumbersome

There is an autocomplete feature now, so the quest system is now manageable.

It still doesn't allow for 'open-world' branching or unlocking criteria though.

The ideal for the former would be to have the ability to choose how many successful 'in' arrows are required to unlock it. (Which allows for both branching and remediation of separate tasks all in one.)  I would also like it that if the 'successes required' field could be set to 0 which makes it claimable as an orphan but invisible. (So I could use the tasks for rewards in the form of a QR code in the bottom of a BreakoutEDU box for example.)

For the latter, it would be great if there were different criteria to make the quest visible and criteria to unlock it.  Just to provide a bit of a teaser...



I'm still very interested in the "unlockable quests" options that create quest trees in the same manner World of Warcraft does it. It's not necessarily a linear path of Quest 1, Quest 2, Quest 3. It could be "Get 300 XP" or 2 out of a group of 3 quests will unlock the last quest where a desired item is received.

3DGamelab/Rezzly does this, but Classcraft is much more active in development, avatar features, and has a presence at conferences so I want to go with Classcraft, but need this feature to go premium.

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