Expanding the Classroom Experience

I wanted to add a few ways I take Classcraft a little further in my classroom to make it more immersive and add even more excitement to the day. Pretty much everything I put on here is on a Team Drive in Google Drive and I am happy to share as a PDF and an editable version.

So, first entry: I have created just a few laminated and reusable printouts that I call Desk Events. The students will find these on their desk in the morning whenever I feel that it is appropriate. We have a PBIS initiative called P.R.I.D.E. - Persistence, Respectfulness, Initiative, Dependability, and Efficiency.

Sorry about the red underlining...I took screenshots.


Robert, I'm going to interrupt the feed of your THREAD OF AWESOMENESS to just comment and say thank you for posting these. They are truly an inspiration and it's great to see such creativity. I love the idea of gamification, but I daresay, you love it more than I do and it really shows. Keep being awesome!

Thanks. It brings a lot of fun back to the classroom that testing has squeezed out of it. I can add you to the Team Drive if you would like.

Hey Robert, these are amazing! As a D&D Dungeon Master I am loving this! I am new to Classcraft this year and really want to integrate this more into my class. Can you add me to your team drive? My email is kwilliams6@saisd.net.

Thank you!


Your work is truly amazing.  I am just getting started with classcraft and trying to find my way.  Would it be possible to share what you have made with me?  My email is lcoleman@pinescharter.net

Thank you!

Robert, I just want to also thank you for your many ideas!  This is my second year using Classcraft, and you have helped to make this year in Classcraft much more exciting and fun for my students!  Classcraft should hire you to work for them :)


It would be so helpful if Classcraft would incorporate a sharing point for Quests.  My students are asking for them, but it is so hard for me to come up with the storylines!


Hi Kim,

We'll have Quests Sharing very soon... Stay tuned! :-)


Your artwork is amazing! Could you please add me to your Team Drive?





Good stuff. Add me to the list.  ccole@strakejesuit.org


Oh my gawd! I love this feed! I am just now starting to introduce Classcraft this year, and I'm super excited! You've made me that much MORE excited! I would looooooove to be included in your team drive, too! My email is esalinas@galenaparkisd.com 

You have me thinking of some really awesome things I can do in my English class. I was worried it might get stale going into the Spring, but I can see that there are lots of ways to weave it into the classroom experience even more.

Thanks bunches!!!

Could you add me as well? You do some amazing stuff!


That is so AWESOME!  Could you possibly add me to your Team Drive as well?  Thank you so much!




Here is my updated Valentine.

My new Notice Board bulletin board. Excited about this one. Almost all of the notices affect classroom life with actual interaction. A few posts are just for immersion. Wanted posters are usually going to be the bosses we will fight (reading tests), Call to Arms will be announcing the next Daily Language or Daily Math Quiz Skirmish, Hero Needed (rescue missions) will generally be our math tests but the first one if you can read it is a mission to reach out to new students,  Rewards are encouraging a good behavior, Royal Decrees are announcements or project due dates from me, Bounties discourage negative behavior by setting a goal for the class, Warnings discourage negative behavior, Monster Contracts are levels of mastering the times tables, and Attention posters are enrichment work with rewards. These will change out as new boss battles (tests) approach, as new negative behaviors I want to discourage show up, etc.

These are really cool! Can you post the files and/or the template? I have some ideas for how I'd like to use this.

Jared, if you would like, you could email me: RLEPPERT@GCCSCHOOLS.COM. That way I can add you to my Team Drive. All my files are there.

My spelling tests have become Spelling Quests. It's just something to spice up Fridays and encourage them to do their best as they work as a team. Each student on a team earns a score for the test which adds up to their Mission Point score. The quest has a threshold of Mission Points in order to achieve the quest. If a team beats the quest, they get a random Spelling Scroll Reward. Here is the intro PowerPoint slide with the story, and the next picture is the Quest image with stats required.

Here are a few of the possible Spelling Scroll Rewards.

I have created a few shop items I will make available for our first Marketplace event this week. Students can spend that hard-earned gold they have been hoarding this quarter. I will be adding these to the Team Drive I am hosting.

Please add me to your drive. I would love to have a look.


These are amazing!! How did you make the shop items? I would love access to your drive.



Christopher,  I basically created a template on PowerPoint and copied the slides, then created each individual shop item. I printed them out 4 to a sheet of cardstock then cut and laminated them. If you are interested in creating your own shop items with my template, perhaps I could put the PowerPoint Document on the drive as well. Let me know if you are interested.

Kim, thank you. I would love to work for Classcraft!

That would be awesome! I would definitely be interested in that.

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