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Is there a way to import quests from one class to another? I don't want to have to create the same quest for multiple class periods. 

Agreed.  I would love this feature as well.

Yes, I was able to do this by going to a new class, then going to quests. I think import was in the lower left hand corner, maybe?

Thanks, Josh! I do not know how I did not see that! 

Hi everyone,

The possibility to copy quests has just been added. 😄

if you import a quest from another class- does it erase all progress on the current quest?

I like to make additions to quests/modify as necessary but don't want to erase current progress

Hi John,

Importing a quest creates a copy – the original quest and the copy of the quest aren't linked. This means importing a quest won't erase current progress, but it also means that if you makes changes to a quest, these changes won't be replicated in the other copies of the quest.

Let me know if you have further questions!

Thank you for that! I have 22 separate classes spread over three grades and that feature makes things a lot easier.

Can there be a feature added to import existing assignments into an already created quest? I have tasks within a quest that I create and add to as I go (such as daily bell ringer assignments) and I would like to create the task and be able to import just that task into quests I have for other classes. 

I second Sam's request wholeheartedly.



Yes – we'll be working on adding the option to copy objectives.


I created a quest over the weekend, and made it visible for my students, but I can't seem to find it on their app.  Where is this located?  Or do I have to do another step?

Hi Matt,

Quests are not available on the mobile app – yet! In the meantime, students can use the browser on their mobile device to access Quests.

I cannot find HOW to import only a Quest from one class to the other.  All I see is to import ALL the settings from one class to another.  Help!

Hi, Jen!

Here's how to import a quest:

Open Quests in the class you want to import the quest to. If you’ve never created a quest in that particular class, simply click anywhere on the map to get started. Otherwise, click the green “+” button in the bottom right corner of the page, then click anywhere on the map to open the Quests Creation screen.

On the Quest Creation screen, click the "Import" button in the bottom left corner of the page. Next, use the dropdown menu to select the class you want to import from. The available quests will then be listed beneath the dropdown menu.

Thank you, Anne-Marie Menard, for the steps for importing quests!!! I kept looking and thought I must be in a browser that doesn't support Quests!

In the previous assignments, when you imported one from one class to another, you were able to revise one and it would also revise the other. This is helpful for me because I have more than one class working through the same curriculum. 

With the new Quest assignments, I now have to go to each class's version of the assignments and make the same revision multiple times. :(

I have imported quests from one class to another however I can not change it to access the other classes Google Classroom Assignment.  Is there a way to change the tasks to link to another Google Classroom?

I was able to import a Quest from 1st hour to 2nd hour (yea!). The problem is that the 1st hour Quest has 1st hour Google Classroom assignments attached it. I don't see a way to edit 2nd hour and attach the 2nd hour Google Classroom assignment to it. When I click on View Classroom in Classcraft it goes to 1st hour Google Classroom :-/

The only work around I can figure would be to delete and recreate each Quest in each Classcraft class :-( unless I'm missing something. Other ideas...put all of my students in one Google Classroom and one Classcraft class which runs into other problems...Don't attach Quest objectives to Google Classroom.


Thanks for your feedback.  I also was thinking about just having one Google Classroom but dividing my classes in Classcraft.  What kind of problems could I expect from doing so?  

Hi Jestin,

Yes, we know that's far from ideal. The dev team is currently looking into this situation, and we'll have a fix in a few weeks or so. Thanks for your patience!

Oh, yeah... I see what you mean.  I have multiple Google Classrooms, too.  I could get all my kids to join the same Google Classroom, but if kids are already connected to Classcraft through their other Google Classrooms, wouldn't they then have to re-join Classcraft?  Oof...

Yep.  Deleting and re-building.  

Dear Rebecca,

You shouldn't have to rebuild classcraft.  Just when assigning assignments using quests access the new Google Classroom instead of the old.  You don't have to invite everyone in the Google Classroom to your Classcraft Classes.  Please anyone correct me if I'm wrong.

I just checked in my Classcraft classes, and I didn't have to change anything in Classcraft. I kept Classcraft as separate classes, but I had all of my students join into my 1st hour Google Classroom section. My 2nd hour Classcraft recognized when a student turned in a paper in the new mega-Google Classroom. It's still not perfect - makes it harder to transfer grades from Google to Skyward - but makes it easier in Classcraft.

Unfortunately, I quit classcraft. I just couldn't keep up with it daily. I give you all credit for having the time to create quests, give points, and follow through with rewards. I have 10 classes and around 200 students. It was overwhelming and frankly, rather clunky and not user friendly. I may revisit it again in the future and configure it differently but I doubt it. Thanks for creating this and supporting education!

Mrs. Robe -- that's true, but when copying a quest to another class, it links to the original Google Classroom, and there doesn't seem to be a way to change which Google Classroom assignment the objective points to without just deleting it and making a whole new objective. 


   If you have a mega google classroom class with all your students in the same subject.  When you copy quests in Classcraft, all your classes would link to the same Mega Google Classroom. 

See Jestin VanScoyoc remarks on 

That's the thing, Mrs. Robe, I dont' have a mega classroom -- I already have my kids in separate classes.  I thought about getting them all to join one class, but that wouldn't work either because their classcraft accounts were already pointed to different Google Classrooms.  So I rebuilt the quests *sigh*.  I still love Classcraft, but I hope they make it easier to copy quests and edit the Google Classroom assignment after copying.  

Hi Rebecca -- Thank you for sharing!

You can rest assured that we are looking into ways to making the Google Classroom and Classcraft Quests integration more seamless. Now, it's just a matter of adding a little more time and elbow grease from our Dev Team to the mix. :)

Hey there... running classcraft for the past few years in my sixth grade bio class.. around 250 students divided into two semesters each.  I love all the new upgrades and greatly appreciate your constant work to improve the experience.  I too am looking to import my quest and keep the google classroom assignments in there.  Right now when I import the quest, i lose the links to the google classroom assignment and have to go in and add the links.  It's more work but you really have cut down on the work by making them able to be copied in the first place, so small price to pay. :)  

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