implementation suggestions and daily routines

I'm struggling to find ways to use classcraft on a daily basis. It seems like often, in my 40 minute class, there are times when having immediate access to the classcraft program would be helpful, but I don't want to disrupt my class to enter something into the computer. How do others handle this? Do most people only do classcraft during the first 5 minutes of class? Do you record things that happened last class and enter them afterwards?

Also, I'm wondering what your daily/weekly routine is with classcraft? 

I love this program and I'm excited to work with it, but I'm struggling with logistics. Any and all suggestions are appreciated!


I carry a tablet around that I use to enter info.  It usually only takes a couple of seconds.  I always use the delay damage now, so we don't have to waste time deciding on protection and such.  I sometimes wait on XP depending on the situation. 

My daily routine is first few minutes of class, daily event, otherwise, normal class, with HP losses and GP and XP gains for behavior.  I am sure I spend less than 5 minutes total during a period on ClassCraft, and I am sure I gain more than that back in on-task time for the students.

I have a clipboard with a list of my students separated by their teams. I do warm-ups at the beginning of most class meetings and I mark a tally next to the student who answered the question. I also take notes on the clipboard for any rewards or consequences. I then either input them when the students are doing their independent work or during break/recess.

I also use my phone to walk and issue XP and damage as I see it. I have also set up a bunch of in-class incentives for students to use AP on, and it has been working well so far. 

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