Share Quest storylines?

I created my first quest yesterday. I'm so excited about being able to really gamify my entire tech class. I'm using TechnoKids projects in middle school, and I am also an English teacher. It took me about two hours to write and complete one quest. 

Writing the storyline was challenging! I think it would be great for teachers to share their quest storylines. My first one is based on the assignments with the TechnoKids Research project. I will be writing a storyline for the TechnoKids Restaurateur project next. I wrote it all in Google Docs, so I could use it again.

Is there any interest in sharing quest storylines? Although setting up the quest itself was easy, developing and writing the storyline was not! Here is the link to my storyline: 

I am so inundated with work that I can not even think about implementing these quests now. I too would love to see what others have done.

Hi Julie,

Thanks for sharing!

One of our priorities for Quests is integrating teacher sharing into the game itself. :-)

So here is my first quest storyline.

My vision:

  • This is the first part of a larger story that will unfold as students work through the curriculum.
  • Each quest will be almost like a chapter within the overarching storyline.
  • The storyline itself does not directly match the tasks that students will need to complete, however as they complete the academic tasks they will unlock the next part of the story.
  • Since it is not directly tied to specific content, the story could be overlaid on top of any content, regardless of subject.
  • Side objects for enrichment activities could be added to break from the main storyline.

Feel free to critique, and/or steal and tweak for your own uses. Enjoy!

Part 1: Darkness Falls

Christopher: Your story line is great!! I am having a horribly hard time writing my own, so thanks for being willing to share. I would love to hear others as you add them! 

Thanks Christopher! I was at a loss as to where to start with my storylines. I think my students will be really hooked by this!

I love that people are willing to share! Creating a storyline is very difficult for me. Apparently I lost my imagination somewhere along the way. Here's my first to share:

I'm currently teaching 1st grade ESL in South Korea and have wondering about quest storylines. I'd like to make a quest that can be applied to any class/any subject as it relates to learning English.

I have a story right now about how my students woke up and someone stole their Pokemon. Each class, in addition to XP, they get 'Pokemon Points' for going above and beyond or winning a game or something. At the end of the class, the Pokemon points can be redeemed and the class earns a Pokemon card matching the amount of points they got. Then, at the end of the semester, each student will get to choose a card, based on the ones that they catch at the end of class.

So the units they are learning about are describing how someone looks and finding objects in the lost and found. I made the first part of the quest, to find the person who took the Pokemon by asking what the person looked like. The second part will be finding objects (clues) and then finally finding the thief.

Conveniently, I was able to think of an interesting story based on those two units, but like I said above I'd like to make a quest that can be applied to any class/any subject as it relates to learning English.


I'm thinking about just copying the idea of the Pokemon game where the students are 'trainers' and they have to go from town to town learning new subjects. Then, when we are finished with the unit, there would be a gym boss battle, where the students either get a badge or don't based on their success or failure.

I like to use Pokemon because there is a wide array of creatures and because it's still hot over here.

What do you guys think?

Here's my storyline for a lesson series on self-esteem and cooperative learning. I'm doing it with my 4th-grade science class. There's a lot more built into the lessons. I only posted the main story text.

I wish that when you created a Quest, you were able to share that quest with more than one class. (Or am I missing something?) I have two different math classes, but I teach the same thing to both. I had to create the quest twice. Is there a way to only create it once and make it available to multiple classes?


If you click the green plus to create a new quest, you will see "import" in the bottom left corner. It now lets you do that. New feature. 

I am just starting (literally last week) using classcraft and the kids are so excited.  I am going to try and teach them basic excel to use for their science fair reports.

here is our storyline so far if anyone would like to use it.


You are a band of weary travelers trying to make it through the Valley of Technology as efficiently and effectively as possible. The Chief is so proud of all the hard work you did last year. You beat the other area clans to make it to LEVEL 5 and become one of the best clan in the Greene Valley of Happiness. You were even visited by the King of Greene Valley so he could bestow accolades on your Chief.

However, with great honor comes great responsibility. To help defeat the clans in other areas, you are given the task of producing some of the best work in the Valley of Happiness. A Wizarding Fair of potions, data, elixers and other magic is upcoming. The Chief expects you to do well. Unfortunately, other clans have been provided with special equipment to make their projects look more exceptional than yours.

The Chief has has used many gold pieces to purchase some of this equipment. However, no one know how to use this equipment in your clan. A secret spy has stolen some of the information on using this special equipment and given it to the Chief. Your task is to learn how to uses this equipment and use it effectively at the Wizarding Fair.



Love it! I teach 5th grade and my kids are super stoked about Classcraft.  I cannot wait to get started creating exciting quests! 

Can I ask what kind of activities are going alomg with the quest, is it classwork or hw and are yiu letting them work on it in class? Still trying to wrap my head around what I do and what they do! Ty! - ps, I am a 5th grade math teacher

I'm working on my first quest. Thanks for sharing these ideas! I'll share when I finish. 

Christopher Gray, did you ever make a second part to your Darkness Falls story? I incorporated that into one of my quests and my students loved it! If you did write a second chapter, could you please share it?

These are great! Is there a better place to share or find other quests like these? Here is one I've been working on in an 8th grade English class. We are doing a unit on the Holocaust and the importance of fighting genocide/discrimination. I don't know if other people are doing this, but I've been integrating classroom assignments with the quest's story.


What about having the students write and submit quests of their own?  That way, they can practice writing in a perspective rarely used (2nd person POV) and I don't have to come up with storylines I think they'll like.  Since I only have the free version, the quests can't be very long anyway.  

Linda Brandt, that's the direction I'm going in because 1) I'm new to Classcraft and using the free version; 2) there isn't any time to write long storylines; 3) my kids may get a kick out of trying to best their classmates; and 4) what a way to support teamwork and collaborative effort.

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