I love your new Quests system! A few added features would really make Quests shine:

Thanks for all you do!

Because I allow my students to turn in their work on paper in my math class, it would be nice to have the option of checking off tasks as completed early.  Or, if I marked them as completed before the early deadline, if it could award them those points it would be nice.

I have two quest questions.

1. Some of my students were getting an error message saying that they could no longer submit an assignment because I had already moved on to the next task.  How do I fix this?  I was just checking the progress of some of their classmates that had advanced to the next step.

2.  One of my students decided to click through and say all the tasks were complete.  This awarded him a huge amount of xp and gold (this quest is supposed to last the whole semester).  I took away xp and gold, but he had already used his higher level and gold to learn new powers and update his outfit.  How can I undo this?  It is of course completely unfair that he has these advantages because he cheated.

Amber, with your second concern, you can edit student powers, but I believe that they would get the power points back and be able to buy new ones again.  If this were my student, I would just delete their existing character and make them start over from the beginning.  They should not benefit from cheating, and at this point in the year, they won't be super far behind.

You also want to consider putting a few check-points into your quest where the students do not automatically advance to the next lesson. It is a bit more overhead for you, as you have to check off each student, but it also gives you an opportunity for an assessment piece.  I have my students do a little 10 question Google quiz, and if they pass it they can move on, otherwise they have to do a worksheet first to prove master. I then am gathering data on how much they are learning, how much is being retained, and it gives them some incentive to study for the quiz.

Hello everyone!

I just wanted to first say thank you to every single one of you for commenting, posting, and sharing your suggestions and questions with us! We always appreciate the feedback, and can never get enough of great ideas from our super awesome and passionate Classcraft teachers! Know that your suggestions have been noted, and will be shared with the team for their consideration!

Amber, Douglas' and Christopher's advice is awesome (thanks for sharing that, guys!). 

As to answer your first question, you can actually "unsubmit" work that has already been submitted, to allow for the student to resubmit their work. Could you give that a go and let me know if it helps?

Here's a help article with more details about unsubmitting work, in case you need it!

For your second question: This is quite an interesting situation, given the magnitude of this Quest.  It is true that removing the XP will bring the character down a few levels, but will not remove the point points gained.

What I have personally heard other teachers suggest in the past is that they would "let it be" for this time only, but mention to the student that cheating in-game is not something that is permitted and could lead to no longer being allowed to use Classcraft -- at all. In this case, since the Quest is so large and has so many rewards as to give the student a significant number of levels, if you deem it fair, I might suggest offering the student to start a new character, all over again. This would mean "archiving" his current Classcraft character and starting a brand new one, at level 1. This way, you are giving the student a second chance, but also making it clear that cheating is not acceptable. It's always possible that she or he has simply clicked through the entire Quest without knowing, and so, just like Christopher Burns suggested, putting those check-point Quest objectives (which require your confirmation to move on from), could be interesting to include. 

Hope this helps! If you have any other questions or concerns, don't hesitate to share!

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