I love your new Quests system! A few added features would really make Quests shine:

Thanks for all you do!

Hi Luis,

Thanks for your feedback!

I'll make sure to share your suggestions with the team.

As for your last point, I'm not sure I understand as it's already possible to upload or link to a Google or Word document. Do you mean to have the doc embedded into the objective page?

Official comment

Yes... or pretty much any text-entry field (such as this one). The present options (bold, italic, paragraph styles, bullet/lists, insert picture, and insert hyperlink) are wonderful but very limiting, especially with respect to math classes. Imported pictures cannot be resized to better fit the screen nor can math problems be displayed easily.

If there were some way to link to a Google Docs/MS Office document and display that in place of typical Classcraft content fields (Boss Battle problems, discussion boards, Class Content, Quest Tasks, etc.) it would allow for far more advanced word processing.

I'm not entirely sure if that is possible. I'm not very familiar with Google and/or Microsoft Office product licenses and their API support, but it would certainly take care of numerous tedious tasks at the moment.

Thank you for your prompt responses!

I got so excited when I found out about quests! I have been trying to build a class website for students to work on assignments at their own pace. I have been lamenting both that my class website did not have the feel of a game, and that I would have to use two different websites. I thought this fixed my problem!

But it's really clunky that the only way for them to progress to the next task is for me to unlock it. This means I still have to be present when students are working on quests, and the goal was to create assignments they could do wholly independently, until they got stuck. I wish there was a setting in which tasks unlock automatically when a student completes the previous one (for example, if there is an assignment, the next task can unlock when the assignment is handed in, whether or not I have graded it.) Otherwise, this feature is inefficient and not particularly useful for my class's needs.

Thank you both for your comments! I'll pass them along to the team for their consideration.

I haven't had a chance to work with this yet, but is it possible to make multiple quests a requisite for a quest? You have to do A AND B to get to C instead of just A OR B?

Hi Nicholas,

It doesn't appear so at the moment. I'll inform the team so they can discuss this possibility.


I also have a few suggestions dealing with quests:

  • Customizable Cutscenes with student characters talking to each other. (In the style of RPG because this is trying to look like a game)
  • Class(Mage/Warrior/Healer) locks (I.e. mages have to go one way; healers and warriors the other)
  • Quest-exclusive powers that can unlock secret paths. (This would be nice for students who have great reading comprehension and pay attention to every detail)
  • Enemy encounters: Like a boss; but smaller
  • Class Quests: The entire class goes on a single quest. Would be great for single-day projects.
  • Non-Linear Quests: Quests that require you to meet objectives rather than progress on trees.
  • A simple scripting language for custom events.
  • Quest-to-Quest trees (I.e. quest A can lead to quests B and C, and they lead to different paths, etc.)
  • XP Gates (Require a certain amount of xp or level to pass)
  • AP Gates (Drain a bit of AP while passing)

Bolded text is the really-wants; non-bold text is the more complicated stuff.

(Also; I am using my personal google account, call me Ann)

Enemy encounters/individual boss battles would be AMAZING!

Could you connect Boss Battles to Quests?

Love the quests so far, Devs!  My students are really on board and are learning a ton about interacting with online programs.

Some of my suggestions are as follows

  • I second the ability for students to progress through the quests without my direct oversight.  If they haven't completed a quest or are going through them too fast I would like to be able to stop them and say, no you need to complete this to a higher standard but for the default be for them to progress to the next quest.
  • I almost always assign quests that require work to be produced and not all of my students have laptops or devices.  Can you please make a way for me to say the student has completed the quest even if they have not uploaded anything?
  • Could you turn off the quest progression arrows or allow them to be turned off so that students can see newly available objectives light up in the 'fog-of-war'?  Keep the arrows in the teacher settings so we can keep track but the students shouldn't need too many arrows.
  • Have all quests saved and stored in the class content settings so we can access them easily
  • Boss battles linked up would be cool
  • When editing quests and looking at student progress, there is a list of quests on the left side menu.  Would these be able to be displayed in chronological order from introduction to conclusion?

Thanks to you legends for being open to feedback - I really appreciate your program.




I'm loving the quest mapping.  The map is something that is very intuitive with my students especially when I give them a fork in the road.  I am using this with 9th and 10th graders and I would love them to have more autonomy.  My only thought on quests is really just agreeing with some of the earlier posts:

I would love for students to progress through quests without me having to check everything off (or at least an option for a task to be self checked by student).

Love this new feature, just trying to figure out a workaround so I can have students working at different paces without having to wait for me.

Thank you!



I bumped the other posts that included this, but wanted to reiterate the need for student-paced quests that do not require me to unlock.  I tried a quest for the first time today, and it has been a disaster.  I ended up unlocking everyone on all tasks (because it was too much of a pain to ask each student who needed unlocked where they were, or troll through all 30 quest stops to find them).  At they very least, a live dashboard where I can see which quest stops students are at and check a box or push a button to unlock the next one for individual students would be helpful. 


Melynda Ross

Is there a way to edit the Objectives once you've created one within a quest?  I'm just not seeing where to do this....

Thanks!  Sherryl

Hi Sherryl,

When you click on an objective on the map, you can then edit everything in the Progress Center (objective name, reward, story, task, etc.).

And to everyone requesting self-paced quests, we're working on it! :-)

I don't have a question (yet) but I just wanted to say that I love the Quest system. I think it really is a great way to build genuine learning into the Classcraft world. Thanks to all the devs for adding such a fantastic feature!

Thank you, Adam! 😊

I love the quests, and so do my kids! Is there a way to get on one screen the status (or current completion) of everyone in the class? With multiple steps combined with multiple students, getting a readout of where everyone is can be time consuming. 

Is there a way in the Quest Progress Center to order them in the order they come up in class instead of when you put them into the program? If not that would be great to do!

Hi Melissa,

We're currently working on updating the map view to include more information on quest completion at a glance. Stay tuned!

Hi Greg,

We're planning on sorting out the ordering, but that will take some time.

Thanks for your patience!

Is there a way to hide the other branches of a path once a student chooses one? I gave the class three options on how to complete an assignment, but all kids show up on all three options, so it's hard to track who chose which path. I wish there were an "accept this path" button for them to push that removes the other branches from their map and removes their name from those other objectives on my end.

I also noticed today that when the three paths reconverge back onto one, marking one path successful didn't always open up the next path for them. I had to go to the other paths and mark those as complete, as well, even though the students didn't do them.

Hi Caroline,

Thanks very much for your comments! I'll let the team know about needing these options when there are multiple paths.

I am seriously enjoying experimenting with quests! I agree with most of the others, but I am finding new things each day! I spent my entire weekend (when I should have been grading!) working on our first quest! Clearly, you have me and my students all immersed!! 

I am hoping that Quests will some day be available as one item that is viewed by different classes, much like the boss battles. I noticed that, after I made the boss battle, it was immediately availalbe in all classes. Can't we do that with a quest? The concern for me is that if I update one class's quest, I then have to do that it all of the other classes as well! Ugh! 

My students and I are really enjoying Quests!  I'm looking forward to having a self paced quest and maybe self graded quizzes or boss battles integrated into Quest!  Thanks for all you do!

I've got a quick question about Quests (I've only created one so far)!  

Is it possible to edit the paths/tasks/objectives once the quest is live for students? As a beginner, my idea is to use the quests as my daily 'do nows'. I'm wondering, though, if our unit gets thrown off by snow days, class meetings, or something else unexpected - can I add or delete pieces of the quest once students have started the quest?

Thanks in advance!

Stephanie - In my experience, it is very easy to change quest even while it is live. Unfortunately, if you have copied the same quest into another class, it does not change the quest in the other class. So once you have copied, you have to redo it in each class. Otherwise it’s been great for me! I edit them all the time!

I totally agree with Diane Dunn! That'd be really useful.



Classcraft is truly amazing!  Especially quests. Pupils can work in teams and work on an individual pace as well.  1) I am looking forward to the integration in the app for smartphones.  Now I need every time a classroom with computers.  2) The individual Boss Battle as a selfgrading quiz is the thing I really need.  I hope these 2 innovations are coming soon!

I implement BookWidgets via Google Classroom to use digital crosswordpuzzels, all kind of quizzes, hangman, domino, ...  If you don't know BookWidgets check it out at!  They are a belgian invention (Leuven) and they work perfectly in quests if you want to 'flip your classroom'.  It's not for free, but it's not that expensive too.  I use also screencasts for teaching and explaining subjects.

I would like to recommend reading 'Explore like a pirate' from Michael Matera (  His advice and suggestions enriched my experience with Classcraft.  I am a languageteacher  (Dutch and German) in Belgium.  My pupils are 15 to 18 years old.  A lot of my pupils lack motivation.  With Classcraft it changed their attitude and mentaltiy.  I use tasks for my classmanagement on gaming cards with rewards, I created a market to buy achievements with GP and exchange them in XP.  Using dices is also a lot of fun for Player vs Player or Team vs Team battles (number of questions to answer, amount of HP one can loose).  Story Cubes do wonders too.

What also would be nice in quests is the concept of an escape room.  The cooperative game 'Unlock' could be an inspiration here:)

Is there a way to view quest progress by student? Since I'm having them move through the quest at their own pace, even with check points with me, I still have students at a variety of locations or on different paths. Having a quest progress overview page that lists tasks completed by students would be an immense help in purposeful grouping. It would also allow for more effective collaboration and time management as I could share with students who else is on that task rather then having to go through each activity and see. 

Hello!  Something I am hoping to see is the ability to unlock a new quest line once an old quest line has been completed. I'm not talking about individual adventures within a quest, I mean a full new quest unlocks when an old one is totally completed.

I've just started with these and both I and my students love them! It would be really nice if my students could tell that they had submitted an assignment in Google Classroom and are waiting for me to look at it. It would also be awesome if I had a per-student way to look at quizzes and a page that showed me new inputs that I need to deal with. 

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