[Solved] Adding powers

Is there anyway to add powers for students.  I would like to have a way to charge them AP for using the restroom.

An easy fix would be just to take away AP for going to the restroom. I would post this fee somewhere visible in the classroom and use the (+-) button to take the AP away land leave a comment to keep a running log. Hope this helps!

You can change existing powers, as long as they aren't ones that have game effects.  However, you cannot add powers.  I changed one power in each class to be a bathroom/water power.

Which powers did you change, and how much do you charge them?

I changed Teleport for mages, Hunting for warriors and Sainthood for healers.  None of those three really worked in my classroom because it is a computer lab with no windows.  I charge them 10 AP.  However, I obviously can't completely ban them from using the bathroom in case of emergency, so if they don't have the AP, they fall in battle, taking all related penalties, but can still go to the bathroom.

Cool. Thank you!

I want to allow mages to have a power to heal themselves. Can I do that?

Hi Steve,

You could change one of the personal or academic powers to add a healing power for mages, but it wouldn't be integrated in the game mechanics. In other words, every time a mage used this power, you would need to manually enter the HP gained.

Hope this answers your question!

I'm a newbie (1 day ago) to Classcraft. A "customizable" power tree and Quests were part of the reason I jumped from a home brew gamification with spreadsheets and cards to Classcraft. It seems most powers are only somewhat customizable :/ +1 as a feature request!?

Hi Jestin,

Game-based powers (powers that affect students' HP or AP) aren't customizable as they're tied to the game mechanics (there are 4-5 of those per class). However, the other powers (personal and academic powers) can be fully customized.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

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