Analytics a must!

I realize that an important part of the business model is having the analytics beyond the paywall.  However, I think it would behoove you to provide a limited or perhaps basic version of the analytics in the free version, because then it would be a lot easier to display to administration why Classcraft is a worthy investment with hard data.  As it stands I can see eyes glaze over when I have to say "...and if you pay you can keep track of their results." instead of showing them actual evidence that Classcraft is worthwhile.

Or just a free trial period (14 days perhaps), again, so we can show what can be done.  It's an easier sell than without data.

Hi Hoan and Kyle,

I understand your concerns. Please know that you can test all Premium features in the Demo Class.

Understood.  However, showing real data from real usage is probably what will get maximum investment.

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