Setting Game Rules

I'm new to ClassCraft and I can't wait to implement the game into my elementary classroom! I would appreciate some guidance on tweaking the game rules to best fit my class because the default numbers don't make a lot of sense to me right now.

I have one class for the whole day (about 7 hours of instructional time per day) for 5 days/week from September to June. The default setting to level up is set at 14,350, which seems very high. Are there other thresholds you'd recommend? I definitely want for my top-performing students to be able to achieve top levels by the end of the school year.

Also, my AP regen is set at 53/day. That also seems very high... do I want them to be able to use their powers every day?

Last question - what are good character stats to set for warriors, mages, and healers?


Thank you!

Hi Matthew,

You definitely came to the right place. 

Here are my level caps: 4300 xp to level up. (It really depends on how often you give out experience points. I started high from my previous year like 6000ish, but I did some calculations on based on how much on average xp my students weren't getting and it was impossible for them to reach level 18. During the year I did tell my class the situation and that I was going lower the xp to level up. If you want your top performing students, you may even want to put it lower than mine. The reality though is whoever becomes the warrior usually gets the most exp especially if they use their powers. (Our little secret, you don't want to tell the kids this =P)

I disabled to auto regen the AP. I reset it daily at 33 manually just incase students are absent, and i don't replenish AP over the weekend.

I left the character stats as default.

Best of luck this school year, and if you have any more questions feel free to let me know.

Bobby Song

Thank you for your insight! It's greatly appreciated. I am excited to try the program this year and I'll try out your recommendation.

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