Disciplining bad behaviors

Is it better to discipline by taking away gold, XP, or using hits?  I'm not sure how each affects the students.

Hi Sherry,

Our suggestion is to never deduct XP--these points should always be rewards for good behavior, as they showcase the students' progress. Gold Pieces are an extra reward. The best way to discipline would be to take out HP. By losing too much HP, students will fall in battle and have to face a consequence (a "sentence" in the game).

These customizations for behavior presets should give you a better idea of how they're used by teachers.

Let me know if you have any further questions!

I use the HP system and will sometimes remove gold points. The gold points is what allows them to customize their characters and upgrade them. My students value those points very highly and get very upset if they aren't earning them quickly enough or when I remove them due to poor behavior. I save this for severe things. For instance, we went on a schoolwide field trip. I took my phone and removed gold points from three students who were cursing loudly during the trip. I make it a habit to review with my students why I'm taking away gold points, instead of simply having them fall in battle, so they understand what caused them to lose something so valuable. 

I don't remove XP, because it's something they already earned for good behavior.


I make them pay fines. If they take 10 damage they pay a 10g fine as well. They DON'T like losing gold. Ever. It's that whole loss aversion thing. ;)

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