Prizes using Points

Hi there!  I was just wondering if anyone uses any of the points for tangible prizes, and if so, which points do you use and how do you price things?

I teach 6th grade science, and I just got a bunch of trinkets and I'm thinking of using a combo of AP and GP to be able to buy things.  I'm choosing those because my kids aren't using their powers as often as they could and so are always at full AP, and I just want to plain start using the GP, because I bought premium but I still haven't started using GP yet! I'm hesitant to using just GP though becuase parents can give GP and I don't want kids to have an advantage if they decide to download the app themselves (as their "parents") and give themselves GP to get a cool prize.

Any ideas or suggestions?


Hi Korinn,

I think that would be a good use of GP!

I don't think students signing up as "parents" is a very big risk: you do have to confirm parent accounts before they can do anything, and, once they're confirmed, their child would have to know their login information to "impersonate" them. If you still worry, you could consider the fact that parents can give 15 GP per day when determining the cost of each prize.

I give a prize out each month to the student who earned the most XP over that month. 

Great idea, Amanda!  How can you tell each month?  Where do you go to find this?

I just keep a spreadsheet on my computer with their points and it calculates it for me. 

I just started the beginning of April so the only "prizes" I give are either pieces of chocolate/candy or prize boxes. To obtain the prizes, each class (minus Healer) have 3 different levels of prize power. They have to spend AP to obtain the prizes, but they can only use it once per class period and if they don't claim the prizes, they loose the prize as well as the AP.

In the future, I might adopt your GP prize cost. It sounds like a neat way to get the students more motivated in class.

How do you set up a way for students to pay for items with their GP?

That is one of my main issues with GP. It is all teacher managed unless they are buying directly from the CC shop for a new look. I set my GP give outs pretty low, but by the midpoint of the year, there are students that have ridiculous amounts of GP with no way to use them. When I have them buying pencils and renting consumable equipment (Sharpies, dry-erase markers, etc.), among other things, I then still have to manage the reductions from their stashes. Sometimes this gets overwhelming to manage at a moment when I am trying to teach or trying to remember who bought what at the end of the day or during prep. Having a customizable in-game shop would be great, where students have to do the management work themselves before receiving the product. I want to give GP, but the uses are a bit limited without a ton of work to get a system up and running and managed afterward.

To answer your original question, Lauren, I have created posters for the walls with prices for services, as well as others for infractions and rewards that students can receive.

Always looking for more ways for students to spend GP on things they want, not just things they forgot or want to borrow. Just can't do food treats our school anyway...because of allergies and the like.

Some ideas I've started for tangible rewards:

wear a hat in class

listen to music for one class subject

free dress day (we have uniforms)

use phone during recess

sit in teacher chair for one lesson

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