Adding students using Google Classroom for more than one class

 I was able to link my account to Google Classroom and add students for one class.  However, when I try to add students for a second class doing the same thing, it says my account is already linked to Google Classroom, and I do not have the option to import students for any other classes.

Hi, Peter!

You should be able to access your Google student database from any class.

  1. Go into your class settings by clicking the small gear icon in the bottom left, then click the green "Add Students" button (at the top of the "Students" section).
  2. Select Google Classroom to add students, as shown below.

Can you let me know if this works? Thanks!


That is exactly what I am doing and this is what I end up getting:  This Classcraft account is already linked to a Google account. So it wont let me add any more students from the same Google account.

Hi Peter,

Got it. I'll create a ticket for you so our team can look into your account.

I disabled, then re-enabled my Google account and now it works fine.  It just had a glitch I guess.

By the way, any updates on possible integration of Canvas?

Hi Peter,

Good to know, thanks!

As for a Canvas integration, we'll release more info as we get further into development. Thanks for your patience. :-)

I had the same issue with Google classroom. I had to unlink and relink it. Also, thank you for this help!

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