Celebrate the end of year with certificates!

Hi, everyone!

We know how important it is to wrap up the school year on a positive note with your students. It’s a great time to celebrate accomplishments and reflect on the amazing moments you’ve shared in the classroom.

That’s why we’ve created special Classcraft certificates that you can share with your students. Each printable certificate features their unique avatar and contains room for you to write any special feats from the school year, such as “Most Helpful Healer” or “Top XP Earner.” Send your class home with a fun memento of your adventure!

You can download your students certificates by hovering over the circular button next to each class in your “My Classes” list on the teacher homepage and selecting “Student Certificates.”

We hope you and your students enjoy the certificates and have an amazing summer!

The Classcraft Team

Thank you all for adding this feature!!! This has saved me hours of work at the end of the year.

perfect! thank you guys for adding this feature!

Excellente idée, bravo à l'équipe dynamique et innovante derrière Classcraft!

The perfect addition for the end of the year!

I love the concept!  Is there a way to request adding a "team photo" or other stats on the certificate?  My certificates are more like trading cards, where I have ending stats of the character (xp and level) with backgrounds for the team http://goo.gl/3XQ4VH 

Thanks for adding the feature!

Love this! My students will be so excited to receive these I'm sure!

Thanks Classcraft Team!


Thanks for putting my idea into works guys!!! I'd like to send you the certificates I went ahead and made since these weren't available yet so you can get an idea of what I was talking about?

This is very good idea to end this exciting year with Classcraft! Thank you!

It would be great if the certificates auto populated with the student's level and stats. They are so excited when they level up and they love to brag about their success. A certificate would be more meaningful if it included built-in bragging rights. =) 

Thank you for this feature. I will be using it next year. Unfortunately, the last day of school with students was Wednesday, May 23rd. I am still print them off and give to their next year's teacher before archiving the classes. Thanks again.

Merci pour tous les ajustements et ajouts que vous avez fait pour nous faciliter la tâche! Bravo et merci à la Belle équipe dynamique que vous êtes!!


I am teaching in France and students are not used to receive awrds so it's going to be a special treat for them. I'll probably organize a ceremony to go with it. My students are 11-12 year-olds and they've had a blast with classcraft this year so thanks guys.

These look awesome! What a nice addition for the end of the school year. We just need to be careful with how we name these awards since on the news lately, there has been some misunderstanding/inappropriate awards. 

Thank you all for your comments!
Merci à tous et à toutes!

We're planning on adding to the certificates next year, so we'll gladly make note of your suggestions. :-)

@Kuuipo: Sure! You can send us your certificate template.

@Bobby: I haven't heard about that! It's best to be careful.

This is one of the coolest features of Classcraft I think. I know my 6th graders are going to love seeing their progress in the game in such a visual way, and it will be a great end to our year of Classcraft! 

Love this! My students will be so excited. 

Awesome! 😊

Love the certificates!!


Will you all consider creating a generic certificate that can be used for any occasion? I use a weekly top-five leader board in my classroom encompassing all four classes. At the end of the month, I would like to celebrate those students with the Highest XP or used the most AP to assist a student, etc. Thanks

@JeffPitner I love that! Do you just cut and paste a bunch of things to make the certificate?

@Gianna sure did.  Used the group picker to grab entire group @ once then used some tools to remove background white and put them on their team-chosen backdrop.  Then did each student one at a time for screen grab of character, xp, level, name, etc.  Automated version of this would be amazing!

That is awesome! I wish I had seen it before my year ended, but I will use it next year for sure!

Hi, this idea is excellent. I have a suggestion - please add a text window that I could write some text  - it would be written on the certficate. Now there is just a print option for all the students (with empty lines for text).

The other thing is a date. It would be great if I could set the date manually. 

This was a brilliant addition. Especially at the end of the year with school reports going out. A Classcraft Certificate and a personal statement about their character was a huge it. Forget what the levels were in my report check out the character and comment!

I loved the idea of the certificates, they are great! But is there a way to put them in a document (like a pdf document) to put on a usb stick or to send by email so I could give them to the school secretary to print? The teachers' printer only print black and white, if I want to print in colours I need to forward the document to the secretary and I was not able to find how. Thank you!

@anne-marie this is a great feature!  Has there been any progress in making the certificates reflect the highest level and scores of each player, plus which Quests they have completed or attempted?  See www.Tynker.com for example, which automatically generates certificates as students complete challenges. 

Our developers have been very busy working on awesome new features coming up in the following months. I'm not certain adding more information to the certificates has been on their list yet but I'm adding this suggestion to our feature request platform!

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