"Open" and "Close" dates on classroom content posts

I'd like to "pre-load" my content for an academic term, but if I do that, students can see all the content at once. I'd prefer to reveal it one piece at a time, but I don't want to have to wait to create it the day it's to be revealed. I could create it in one class, and then import it into the running class on the preferred day, but then I still have to do something on the day. I'd rather it was already there, but only appeared after a time and day I gave it. Is there currently any way to do that?

EDIT: I found a "hide" icon that I hadn't seen before (because I use FF, and it doesn't show up there). In Chrome, next to the "edit" pencil for a post, the "eye" can be clicked to hide or reveal the post. This is better than I'd previously experienced (by quite a lot), but it still requires that I actively do something on the day I want to reveal a post, so my request/suggestion stands. ;)

I appreciate that CC is a big, bright, colorful complex system, and I love it. I paid for a year, and I plan to use it. But there are a lot of seemingly little things that would make it much, much better for use as a full CMS. I'm sure I'll post many suggestions as I think of them, since I currently use a CMS and while I love the "world" of CC, I'm a bit spoiled by things like persistent gradebooks with weighted averages, "reveal" and "hide" dates, time limits, math type, etc....

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