Boss Battle Suggestion


I was thinking it would be nice if we could have the option to not display which group is answering the question. The way I set it up, I have the whole class answering math review questions before a test and then a single group answers the question. It would be helpful if the students didn't know which group was to answer so they work hard 100% of the time, instead of only when their group is being called. Currently, I just place some objects in the way of my projector so they can't see the group number, name, or crest, but it would be nice if this was just a feature I could select.


I agree - even having the option would be awesome.

Oops.  I just now wrote this as a suggestion too.  My administrator who was observing me didn't like that everyone else knew they were not on the hook for the question, so even though I have all of them answering the questions in their notebooks, there is no accountability. 

Or even have it where the question pops up on their phones. Then they could compete individually or as a team. That would add accountability and self-pacing.

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