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Hello, I know that the app is more limited than the website, but all my students use tablets/iPads in classroom, and the app feels more comfortable than their browsers. But we miss some things that would be great to see in the app.

That's all, thanks for your time.

Are students able to use their powers from the app or do they need to be on the website?

In normal game yes, but not with Delayed Damage, because doesn't appear in the app. So warrior for example has to go on website to do Protect on a teammate or the healer for Revival 

Hi Jesús,

Thanks for the suggestions! In the upcoming year, you can expect to see Delayed Damage on mobile, as well as push notifications.

We were just today wondering how the delayed damage works with the apps. I was so excited to see the delayed damage come through and then bummed that it didn't show up in the apps. We're using Classcraft in a band class, so we don't have computers and I can't be at my computer all class period to do damage. We've been using the app for the students' powers (on their own devices). It would be awesome to be able to have that feature in the app, then I can run everything from my podium during the rehearsal instead of going back and forth to the computer.

So far, we are loving Classcraft (just hit 2 months today) and are excited about the new features coming this year.


I'm looking forward to having the delayed damage queue on mobile for students. In the future, could you make it clear when a new feature is released that it is not yet implemented on mobile? This created problems for me when Office365 logins were initially available in browsers only, and now again because students can't access the delayed damage queue from their apps.

Hi Gilles,

That's a valid point. We're sorry about the previous confusion, and we'll keep that in mind when releasing new features.

5 user interactions required for preset feedback...

I use the android mobile app to track behaviors quickly as I walk around my room.  I often find myself lost and scrolling through students.  It is important to me to have 15+ students all displayed on one screen, even 20+ if I can.  The default "player list" view shows way more information than I need in the moment and wastes too much screen space. (Samsung Galaxy S5). I need a quick place to select a student with minimal scrolling so I can give my preset feedback.  I am attempting to convert religions here from ClassDojo...their app is far less powerful but also more useful for tracking behaviors quickly (<3 seconds).  Accomplishing that feedback quickly is crucial and the classcraft app requires 5+ interactions for each preset feedback.  ClassDojo requires 2 for positive and 3 for negative.

Hi, Grant!

I shared your message with the team – we're planning on improving the app's design in the near future.

Your feedback will be very useful. Thanks!

Also necessary in the app is the ability to mark a student absent, so that we can give XP to an entire team at once without giving to a student who is absent. Without this ability, we need to award all points individually which takes more time and makes the app useless to me. Using the web version on my ipad is the alternative, but the site runs so slow on tablets and phones that it doesn't save much time compared to the app. Thanks!


Is it possible to have the app in landscape mode? It might not be ideal for all, but in my case I use an IPad with keyboard, plus it would give a chance to have a view with more options?

Plus, to have access to the new Quest tab. I'm trying it at the moment and this thing is AMAZING!!! I'm loving it.

(side question: where can I post a quest level system I have made for differentiation in my class? To share it with other teachers?)


Hi Eric,

There is no plan to have the app in landscape mode at the moment.

So glad you like Quests! They will eventually be made available in the app. For now, you can access them on mobile using the browser (there will be some performance issues, however).

Also, we're currently examining how to enable teacher sharing. :-)

Are the boss battles available in the app?  I would like to be able to use our Promethean Board instead of connecting my laptop.  Thanks!

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