I am so excited about becoming a Classcraft Ambassador. I love the game and have found it to be a truly remarkable classroom management tool. As an ambassador I have been charged with spreading the word and helping any of the newbies to the game as I am able.

If I can every be of any assistance just ask. I will be more than happy to share ideas and guidance however I can.



I think it would be reasonable to have different HP/AP regeneration rates for different character classes.  For instance, mages could generate AP faster than warriors, and warriors could generate HP faster than mages.  Currently the HP/AP regen rates are consistent across the classes.

I would like the option to change that, I believe it could be adjusted to better fit the playstyle of the different character classes.

Hi, Josh! We're pleased to have you as an ambassador. :-)

Question for you:  How do students re-gain HP?  I have several students who are eternally falling in battle because they have been at 1 HP for weeks.  Thanks!


The should be regenerating HP on a daily basis...when they go home 10 HP should be gained over night....unless somehow you have changed this function...

Created this video just for you...


the video will show you how to adjust the regeneration rate...

If you are concerned about a students consistent poor behavior...try adjusting the takeaways to a small number instead of 10 points per "offense" make it 5....



Thanks!  The video was "private" and wouldn't let me watch, but I do recall that the HP is supposed to regenerate at night, so I came across the screen where that is set up, and sure enough, HP was set to "0".  Not sure how that happened, but I reset it to 10.

Thanks again!

No problem...sorry about that...




Sometimes I love technology...sometimes not so much...

I'm with you.  I work in a school that specializes in I.T., but I teach math and know little to nothing about gaming.  My students are really into Class Craft and I promised them I would learn more about it over the winter break.  Up until now, we've been just doing a daily random event but that's about it.  I want to use it more regularly so they can start leveling up and get more out of it.  

Thanks for your help!

No problems...I love the game...they have recently done some upgrading making things run a little smoother....if I can be of any assistance let me know....


Hi Josh and Judith,

You had a great convo here! I just wanted to specify that, by default, HP regen is set at 0, so Judith had simply never changed it. :-)

I have been wondering about the HP regen feature as well, and am curious as to why the default rate is '0' I just started playing with my classes 2 weeks ago and a couple students are on the critical edge--say 1 to 5 HP left. I had always assumed that when they level up they regain all their HP, but that didn't happen just now when kids leveled up. The fact that falling in battle resets you to 1 HP means you are then constantly in serious danger of falling again. I realize I can set a regen rate, and likely will, but I'm trying to make sure I understand the rationale behind 0 regen and the way that interplays with falling in battle. Seems to me it's not the most psychologically healthy for a kid who made some initial mistakes to feel like they're always on the verge of falling again for an entire semester. Or is the idea more that with reasonably balanced teams, teammates will regularly use their AP to heal so that falling is pretty rare regardless? Thx.

Hey, Derek!

The last point you brought up is what we're shooting for. When teams are balanced, teammates will use their points to help others from falling in battle by either healing or taking damage for one another. This is all done in order to promote teamwork and good relationships among students. 


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