What Students Want. What Teachers Want

I asked my students what they want.  The following goes from highest to lowest requested changes. 

1.) PvP.  (player vs. player)  Use Kahoot like mechanics in a 1v1 match! Teacher loads questions. 

2.) Stats on armor.  (+HP, +AP, +AP regen, +Healing, +damage resistance, +bonus damage)

3.) Export Archieved students to other teachers so that the adventure doesn't end.

4.) Unlockable personal story.  The teacher sets this up using a classcraft template.

5.) Rare Drops from boss fights (armor, weapons, ect.)  This is one of the most  addictive parts of gaming.  

6.) Elite moves reserved for students who are the highest level in the class.  

7.) +AP and +HP per level.

What I (the teacher) want:

1.) Refund GP for armor spent if a student changes his/her class (mage, warrior, healer).

2.) Stamps in the merch store for teachers to use on paper assignments so that we can keep track of when powers where used!  please please please.   

3.) For gradebooks: Different reward settings for tests, assignments and quizes.  

4.) Lock and unlock students from armor upgrade and move upgrade tabs.  Sometimes the game is a distraction.  It would  be nice to save character adjustment for class downtime.  Sometimes students crack open their laptops and make game adjustments durinng lecture and that can get anoying.  The best thing ever for this game would be more teacher control over when students can access certain parts of the game. 

Three of my classes have been at it for about a month now.  So far so good.  Love most of it!


#1 Student Request:

Color options for avatars.  Some of the girl stuff is a little too girly (pink/purple); generally just having a gender neutral option would be good enough.  Color palate would be awesome even if it cost a few gold to "dye" your stuff.  Particularly nice for lower levels to make students feel like their avatars are really "theirs".  

#2- Now that some of them have pets, they think pets should have powers.  I think having them have a power "slot" might be nice.  

Things 1v1 would need:  

* Teacher activation (or they would be on it all day).  

* Temporary health pools (or they would never risk it).

* Timed questions (or they would look up answers and pvp would take too long).

* Rewards for faster answer submission in the form of extra damage toward temporary health pools (or there would be too many ties). 

* The capability of the teacher to create a large pool of questions with randomly selected questions appearing to the students (otherwise one student will just remember the answers to a few questions and then just dominate everyone due to fast reaction time).  


:)  I've thought about this way too much. Can you tell I like this program? 

Speaking of analytics, I use XP as a formative assessment tool, doling out XP for skills such as characterization analysis, knowledge of literary elements, etc. I would love it if the students are able to see the analytics of themselves (besides scrolling through the game feed).  This would be useful as a way to keep students engaged with their progress and increase ownershi pover their learning.  I change the preset XP based on the lesson I teach that day (as opposed to scrolling to find it if I add too many) so I can award bronze, silver and gold levels for that day's particular focus.  


As Julian mentioned above, it would be great to expand on the tracking and perhaps even have an export feature to an excel/Google sheets file to better use for data-driven instruction (and to appease administrative bosses who love data). The team tracking is also a neat incentive to increase some competitive nature inside the classroom.

Just bought into Premium.  The ability to go back and forth between boss battle and other sections of classcraft (students can check status, use powers, etc) would be wonderful and on my Teacher Want list along with color palletes for outfits (student request) and pet "powers" (student and teacher request).


I've edited some of my powers to be useful during boss fights (since the kids love it so much) and I have to manually keep track of interactions and then make all the changes after the battle.  Maybe a "pop up window"?

These are something requested from my gamers after using it last season: 
2.) Stats on armor.  (+HP, +AP, +AP regen, +Healing, +damage resistance, +bonus damage)
7.) +AP and +HP per level

So I would second those - they felt there was no point to new gear except to get a pet and wished there was a point to new gear other than just looks. 

I would like this: For gradebooks: Different reward settings for tests, assignments and quizes.  

I'm starting off using the game this week and I must agree with Stats on Armor. Being a gamer myself I rely on specific Stats on Armor and Weapons to propel my gaming experience. 

I would suggest adding this feature as a Priority I task along with the PvP (one of the first things the students asked for once I introduced the game).

Thank you!

These are awesome!! Especially the 1V1, my students are supper competitive!

More analytic options. I am doing a class leaderboard and I would like if we could also track how much Xp each team as a whole earns each week, along with just a plain stat that you can see how much they earn by week, month, etc besides the tracking feature. 


I would like to be able to export data from analytics into a spreadsheet or pdf. 

@Scott, you are the man. All the things you wrote are crazy stuff.

Speaking of these suggestions, i just want to tell developers that please check out World Of Warcraft (maybe you do) and see how they keep their gamers in the game for almost 10 years, i know you are not Blizzard but there are tons of things you can be inspired from their work. I appericate your work as well and really glad to be part of this community but hey, you can make it better, make it greater!


Kyle.  I take it your kids do not have laptops or devices in class, so you have to activate powers yourself.  In that case, just open up another tab in your browser or on another device :) You can activate powers on that browser while you stay in the battle.

"4.) Lock and unlock students from armor upgrade and move upgrade tabs.  Sometimes the game is a distraction.  It would be nice to save character adjustment for class downtime.  Sometimes students crack open their laptops and make game adjustments during lecture and that can get annoying.  The best thing ever for this game would be more teacher control over when students can access certain parts of the game. "


I'd like to second this!  It would be great to have more teacher control about when students can "game" and when they cannot.  It would be helpful to lock and unlock times for using powers, training pets, spending gold.  If we could do that, then I could keep students focused on completing their Quests! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!!


Thanks, Scott!

We have ideas for years here! ;-)

Thanks for the tip Scott.  Not sure why I didn't think of that!  


Hey do you remember Mike Christensen and Cameron Konigsberger from Toledo? We are both 6th grade teachers and use classcraft as well. We love it! How is it working for you so far?

I do!

Glad to hear things are going well for both of you.  That's kinda awesome!

It's been going pretty well.  Premium gives enough incentives to students to really get them invested.  I think with a little more development it could be an even bigger hit. I'm at a really small technology bare school so it's just an "extra" right now.  I imagine with technology and integration it only gets easier/better.

Hit me up on facebook or something!


Wow! Thank you for all of these great ideas, everyone! 

My suggestion is regarding the boss battles. Many of my students cannot handle them for whole class instruction because it is turn based. For the students who were not up for the question, were almost always off task. It is rather difficult to keep them focused especially when there is not an option to allow another student/teams to steal the question. this would be a whole lot better if they could be administered directly to a student/ team on their profile. This way they can answer the questions and defeat the boss based on their individual/ team performance and not as a class.  

This would be a great way to administer as an assessment to mine data for individual students. It would even be better if you can link one to a quest where they have to fight a boss at the end to complete it. These are just some ways that I think it would be better for the students.

I relate. I tend to do boss battles during absent minded sort of work, like diagram coloring. Keeps the sidelined students busy. Good news though, I hear there is talk of quest mode bosses.

I intend to use the boss battles as review games.  I'm going to have a tie in worksheet that goes with the battle that way as the students answer questions they can answer them on their review sheet and have another review tool.

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