Classcraft GO

Classcraft GO is an app that enables you to quickly and easily highlight your students' positive and negative behaviors. You can download Classcraft GO on your mobile device, on Google Play or on the App Store.

Before you get started, please note that:

  • You need to create an account before using the mobile app. You can do this on your computer at
  • Classcraft GO only works for teacher accounts at the moment
  • Make sure to create and set up your classes on the browser version before using the app
  • You can also log in to Classcraft GO with one of the following services: Google, Clever, ClassLink, or Apple

Once you're logged in, you can see a list of classes, select the one you're currently teaching to view your student list.

Learn more about:

Student list

When you open a class, you can see all the students in it. Here you can:

  • Select one student by tapping on its line
  • Select several students by tapping on each of their line (at the bottom you can see how many students you selected)
  • Swipe left or right on a student's line to highlight their positive or negative behaviors

Once you select one or more students, you can tap on the buttons that appear at the bottom to give them points for their positive behaviors. In the Mastery phase, you also have the option to remove Hearts for their negative behaviors.

Tap the More options (...) button in the top right corner to:

  • Select all the students in your class (including absent students) or undo that selection
  • Display teams in the student list or hide teams

When you choose to display teams, your student list will be reorganized by teams, and you can even select whole teams by checking the checkbox on its line.


Selecting students via QR codes

Once you generate and distribute QR codes, you can use these to select your students using your phone's camera or the app's Scan feature. Let's see how QR codes work!

Accessing QR codes

There are two main ways of accessing your students' QR codes: you can download and print a document and students can display them directly on their screen.

Before you get started with QR codes, please note that:

  • You can only use the QR codes of students that are currently in a class you teach
  • You can only scan one QR code at a time

To print out your students' QR codes from the desktop app:

  1. Find the class on your teacher home page
  2. Tap the More options (...) button
  3. Select Access QR codes
  4. Download, print, and distributes codes to your students

To view the QR code on a student's account:

  1. Make sure your student is logged in
  2. Proceed to their character dashboard
  3. Click the QR code icon beside their name

Scanning a student's QR code

You can scan a QR code within a class by tapping the Scan button on your student list. This will automatically select the student in the list, enabling you to highlight their behavior very quickly.

You can also scan a QR code using your mobile device's camera even when you're not currently using the Classcraft GO app. To do so:

  • Open your mobile device's camera
  • Point it toward the student QR code
  • When the link appears, tap on it
  • If this student is in more than one of your classes, select the class you're currently teaching

Highlighting student behavior with Classcraft GO

Now that you have selected your students, whether you used the list or QR codes, what's left to do is actually select the behavior you want to give or remove points for.

If you want to highlight a single student's behavior you can:

  • Select them on the list 
  • Swipe their name left to highlight a positive behavior or right for a negative behavior (Name_Tag-Chapter-4-En.png)
  • Scan their QR codes

Once that's done, decide if you want to Give points or Remove Hearts. This brings you to the appropriate behavior list.

On this list, you can:

  • Select one behavior
  • Select multiple behaviors
  • Swipe left on a single behavior and tap Confirm to give points immediately
  • View Tier 2 & 3 behaviors by tapping the pyramid toggle in the top right corner (Tag-School-En-1.png)

If you select one or more behaviors, tap the Confirm button that appears at the bottom of your screen to complete the operation and return to your student list.

Casting a celebration screen on desktop

And don't let the name fool you — this could very well be a warning screen for negative behaviors!


You can decide to cast a screen on your desktop's class dashboard whenever you highlight a positive or negative behavior on Classcraft GO. By default, this option is enabled for positive behaviors and disabled for negative behaviors.

Go to your class settings on desktop to modify the following options separately for positive and negative behaviors: 

  • Enable or disable screen casting
  • Display or not student names on cast
  • Display or not the behavior description on cast
  • Play sounds or not on screen cast