How can I make sure students fulfill their pledges after they fall?

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When a student runs out of Hearts, they fall: they will receive a random pledge. As the teacher, you decide when the pledge has been completed: this process is not automated.

As it doesn’t affect students’ gameplay experience, they may feel like they don’t need to fulfill their pledges. This may cause issues as students may simply refuse to acknowledge or complete their pledges.

If this occurs, you may want to consider marking students as “absent” until they have cleared their pledges. This means that they won’t get Experience Points from Class Tools, that they won’t be picked by the Wheel of Destiny, and so on. 


Note: If you're part of a school or district using Classcraft, these absence are recorded and it may be problematic — check with your admins first!

You may also want to prevent any student with an outstanding pledge from using their powers. Depending on your students, you may prevent them from earning or spending Gold Pieces at the store, or even remove a few Gold Pieces entirely.

In cases where students categorically refuse to fulfill pledges, it’s possible to temporarily remove them from their teams by placing them onto a team of their own. If they wish to come back into play, they’ll need to fulfill their pledges.

If you notice this is an ongoing problem, consider modifying the pledges to something the students can complete in class or while being supervised, like cleaning the desks during lunch, leaving last from class, or losing all their Crystals.