How can I make my quests awesome?

Quests support your lessons and offer a self-paced, personalized learning experience for your students.

There are several ways to use Quests:

  • You can create a quest to correspond with an entire lesson plan. Your quests can be linear, meaning all students will follow the same learning path and complete the same objectives, lesson activities, and assignments.
  • You can also could create branching paths so that students experience the lesson differently depending on their mastery of the subject at hand and their unique skills, interests, and learning needs.
  • You can also choose to use quests only for extra-credit challenges. This way, students can choose to complete quests to obtain more information on a subject and earn extra Experience Points or Gold Pieces. Rewards will motivate students to complete quests, even if they are not mandatory.


Whether you make quests optional or mandatory, you can use them to instill a sense of discovery, personalize students’ learning experience, and introduce a narrative to your class content. This will boost student interest as your lessons will be the backdrop of their very own adventure.

Here are a few tips to help you make amazing quests:

  • Create a backstory and a universe for your students to explore.

  • Include a story (like in a choose-your-own-adventure) in each quest, tying your quest to your backstory and making your students feel like heroes on a journey. Here’s a great example of one teacher’s quest story. You can import her quest here.

  • Create different types of challenges and assignments for your quests and vary the objective types to create a sense of surprise.

  • Use branching paths to personalize learning experiences when needed (giving more exercises to students who struggle in a given subject, for example).

  • Use branching paths to personalize the story when personalized learning is not the main focus (for example, students could choose between “Explore the cavern to find a way out” or “Turn back and climb the mountain to find a vantage point”).

Don’t forget that you can find quests shared by teachers on the Quests Marketplace. You can import quests directly to your account and modify them to suit the needs of your class. Don’t hesitate to share your own quests, too! Other teachers could be looking for exactly what you created.

Want even more tips about quests? Check out our YouTube playlist! Here's an example: