Creating your account

Before you can create an account, your teacher first needs to invite you. This can come in one of two forms: 

A printed document that includes your student code and your parent code and login instruction:


An email in your inbox with a button inviting you to join Classcraft:


To create your account:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your very own student code
  3. Click Next
  4. Decide if you want to sign up using a username or a Google, ClassLink, Microsoft, Clever, Facebook, or your Apple ID
  5. If you picked Use username, enter a unique username — we’ll let you know if it doesn’t work!
  6. Click Next
  7. Enter and confirm your password
  8. Click Start playing

Check out the next few slides, explaining how Classcraft works for you and then you’ll reach your Dashboard.

If more than one teacher plays Classcraft…

You may need to create one different account per class, which means choosing a different username and having a different character in every class. If you get a second or third (or more!) student code from a teacher, log out of your account and follow the same steps to create a new one.

Once you create your account, you may need to pick a character right away if you haven’t already chosen one with your teacher!

When you’re ready, you can start exploring your dashboard.

Choosing a character

Picking a character when you don’t have an account

You may be playing in a class where your teacher manages everything and you have no account. Still, when the whole class reaches a certain point in the adventure, everyone will get a character!

Your teacher can select your character class for you, but try to pick a character class (if more than one are available) and appearance that you feel comfortable with!

Selecting a character when you create an account

When your teacher invites you and you create your account , you’re going to be asked to select your very own character. Early in the game, you may only have access to one character type but you can still choose how they’ll look!


If your whole class is already at least in the Collaboration phase, you’ll get to pick a class for your character and their appearance. When selecting a character class, think about its upsides and downsides, their powers, and how much you like their appearance.


The character classes

There are four character classes you can choose from in Classcraft. Each has their own unique looks and abilities. Let’s see what they are!


Available only early in the game, while you and your classmates are still getting your bearing, the Explorer has different looks, but not different powers. Pick the character you think looks best, because no matter how far you get in Classcraft, you’ll always be able to return to this appearance if you want!

Explorers only have access to universal powers. That means that everyone in class will have access to these powers, regardless of their class. They have three separate gear sets you can purchase with Gold Pieces.


In Classcraft, Guardians are the protectors. They have heavier armor and magical shields to protect themselves and their allies against danger. It’s rumored that their magical gauntlets let them speak with animals, too!

If you think you may get in trouble often, consider picking a Guardian: late in game, they have a lot of Hearts and can even prevent their teammates from losing Hearts! Because they have fewer Crystals, they can’t use their powers as often, but don’t worry, Mages can help out!


To no one’s surprise, in Classcraft, Healers… heal! They are well balanced and believe in living in harmony with others, nature, and Sprites.

While all team members and character classes are important for a team’s balance later in game, you should pick the Healer if you like helping out others. You’re likely to be called on often for your amazing healer powers.


Mages are the masters of the elements and of the energy in the form of Crystals. Their faces are always hidden behind intricate masks and their pets are elemental creatures.

They may not be as sturdy as Guardians or Healers, but Mages have a larger pool of Crystals and can even replenish their teammates’ Crystals for them.

You can learn more about each character class’ unique powers here.

Once you’ve picked a character class, you can start exploring your very own dashboard!