Playing with no account

Your class may be playing Classcraft, but it's possible that students like yourself won't be using an account. That means you won’t be able to log in, use your own powers, or decide what your character’s gonna look like. That doesn’t mean it can’t be fun!

When playing this way, you’ll still earn Experience Points for your good behavior. Enough Experience Points enables you to gain a level. What’s so cool about leveling up? Glad you asked!


Every time you level up, you gain one Crystal. With Crystals, you can use your powers. Powers are privileges, often real life privileges, too. With no account, you'll have to ask your teacher to spend your Crystals and activate your powers for you, just ask them!

As you gain more levels and your class progresses in Classcraft, you’ll also learn new powers!

If your whole class has progressed to the Exploration phase of the adventure, leveling up also earns you Gold Pieces and gear. Unfortunately, with no account, you won’t be able to spend your Gold Pieces on gear, but maybe your teacher will use them for something else — ask them!