Resources for your school

Make your Classcraft implementation smoother and livelier by sharing the following resources with your staff:

Chapter reminder


The chapter reminder lists in a single, easy-to-understand place which feature unlocks when. Share this document with teachers at your school to give them a better sense of what they can do in Classcraft and when.

View and download the chapter reminder here.

Role reminders


Help your staff remember how to set up their account and use Classcraft according to their role in your school with these simple, accessible one-page reminders.

View and download the reminders for...

Classcraft images

Swept by Classcraft's breathtaking backgrounds? Want some pets pictures to display here and there in school? Look no further! This collection of images found in Classcraft can be downloaded and printed out to display around school. In this pack, you can find backgrounds (including winter and Halloween themed backgrounds), characters, team crests, Classcraft logos, pets, and miscellaneous images.


Download Classcraft images here.