Archiving and unarchiving students

Students can use the same login information year after year, however, every year, they should start fresh with a new character. Before they can make a new characters on their account, any existing character will need to be archived. This can be done while archiving classes or it can be done individually for each student (as needed).
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What happens when students are archived?

When you archive your students characters by archiving a class, or when they archive their characters themselves, their character will move to the Hall of Heroes. Characters in the Hall of Heroes can still be viewed, including all that the students unlocked through their adventures but can't be used at all: gear can't be equipped or purchased, pets can't be trained, etc.

Notes about archiving:

  • Characters can be unarchived and restored if they were mistakenly archived
  • If a student was still in an active class, they'll disappear from the student list and will only reappear if unarchived

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If you have a single license (Free or Premium), your students have one account per class they're assigned to. By archiving a character, you're freeing up a student's login for a new character! When a student uses their credentials to create a new account, they will no longer able to see their character in the Hall of Heroes. 


A character in the Hall of Heroes is a memory, something students can check and think back over, but can't use, however, if you have a school licenses, students can see their old characters forever. Also, fully trained pet obtained from gear can be equipped on their new characters.


When to archive students?

Students can archive their own character whenever they want. Characters should be archived at the end of the school year or when you foresee a student will need to make a new character or could use their login again for a new class.

How to archive students?

Both teachers and students can archive characters.

As a teacher

Students are all automatically archived when you archive your class (unless they're currently playing Classcraft in another class with the same account). Moreover, you can manually remove students from your class, which will archive them (unless, you guessed it, they're currently playing Classcraft in another class with the same account).

To remove a student from your class:

  1. In the class you want to remove a student from, click the class settings gear icon in the sidebar
  2. Click Students
  3. Find the student on the list and click the pencil icon
  4. Click the pink Remove student button in the lower left corner
  5. Click the pink checkmark to confirm

As a student

Students can archive their own character, too! This is useful if their teacher forgot to archive them and they're no longer in the same class or school. It's always more convenient to be able to use the same account over and over!

To archive their own character, students should:

  1. Log in to their account
  2. Click on their profile icon in the top right corner
  3. Select My profile
  4. Click on the grey Archive character button below their character
  5. Click the pink Archive character to confirm when prompted
  6. Click Ok to return to their profile

Afterward, their profile will appear empty but they can visit the Hall of Heroes to view their archived character.

How to unarchive a character?

If you notice a student suddenly missing from your student list, maybe they've mistakenly archived their character. Only student can unarchive their own character, as a teacher, you can only guide them through this process.

  1. Log into the correct account
  2. Click the purple Enter button on their profile to access the Hall of Heroes
  3. Find their latest character
  4. Click the gray Unarchive button for the correct character
  5. Confirm by clicking Unarchive character to bring back their character to play
  6. Click Ok to return to their profile

Your student's character will be restored to its exact state (Experience Points, Crystals, Gold Pieces, Hearts, teams, etc.) in your class.