Adding and managing staff members

Staff members at your school can be any supporting staff who needs to have access to Classcraft, its data, and its features. Anyone you think might give points to students without needing all the features can have a staff account with limited capacities.

On the other hand, you may want your behavior specialists or other interveners may need more access to data and behavior management tools (such as tiering).

Staff may also manage the school store and have the special ability to remove Gold Pieces from students in exchange for goods or services sold at your store.

First, proceed to your staff members list by clicking Staff members in the sidebar navigation of your District or School Dashboard.

The list provides you the following information:

  • Staff member name
  • School they’re assigned to (if you’re on the District Dashboard) OR;
  • Intervention Tiers (if you’re on the School Dashboard)

This is also where you can add new staff members and manage existing ones.

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Adding staff members

When adding staff members to your district or school, you have two options: add several at a time using a CSV or XLSX file or add staff members manually one at a time.

Using a CSV or XLSX file

This is the easiest way to add numerous staff members at once:

  • Download the CSV template or the XLSX template
  • Fill it as follows:
    • First column: First name
    • Second column: Last name
    • Third column: Email address
    • Fourth column: School or Schools (Make sure that the spelling matches the spelling in Classcraft)
    • Fifth column: Tiering Permissions (Enter enter a number from 1 to 3)
  • In the staff members list, click Add staff members
  • Click Upload CSV or Upload XLSX (according to the file type you’re using)
  • Select your file or drag and drop it on the gray field
  • Click Add staff members

All your staff members are then listed in the staff members section. If needed, you can then edit their information.

Manually adding one staff member at a time


If you want to quickly add a single staff member without using a CSV or XLSX file, you can easily do so from your list.

  • Click on Staff members in the lefthand side navigation bar
  • Click the white Add a single staff button
  • Enter their first name, last name, and email address
  • Toggle on the school they should have access to (district administrators only)
  • Pick the intervention tiers they have access to (this can be different for every school!)
  • Decide if this staff member can manage the store at this school
  • When you’re done, click the Save button

After adding a staff member, you can edit their information directly from the list.

Inviting staff members to join the adventure

Before staff members can log in and use the features they have access to, the school administrator needs to invite them to join the adventure. Once that’s done, staff members can start giving points for positive behaviors and managing the store.

To invite your staff members:

  1. Click Staff members in the side navigation
  2. Make sure all staff members are properly listed
  3. Click the white Send invites button
  4. Let your staff members know that they can now log in

Afterward, all newly added staff members will automatically be invited to join the adventure.

Note: District administrators can perform this step by viewing the staff list from the School Dashboard (can be accessed from the district overview).

Editing a staff member’s information

Once you add staff members to your roster, you can edit any information from their profile, as well as change the schools they’re assigned to (if you’re a district administrator), and their tiering and store permissions. To do so:

  • Proceed to your staff members list by clicking on Staff members in the lefthand navigation
  • Find the teacher on the list and click their row
  • Make any changes necessary
  • Click Save to confirm your action

Deleting a staff member from your roster

When a staff member no longer needs to be in your school roster, you can easily remove them. Deleting a staff member’s profile means their account will be deleted and they’ll lose access to your student database and Classcraft.

To delete a staff member:

  1. Proceed to the Staff members section of your dashboard
  2. Find the staff member you want to delete on the list and click the More options (...) button to view more options
  3. Click Delete
  4. Click Delete again to remove the staff member from your roster