School Dashboard overview

The School Dashboard enables you to see at a glance how engaged students and teachers are and access all of Classcraft's features.

Note for district administrators: You can see the dashboard of any school in your district. To do so, click on the school's name in the District Dashboard overview.

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School overview



For admins who have yet to complete their onboarding, the upper part of the School Dashboard explains what the following steps are:

  • View templates: Check the list of Classcraft-created templates and import any that you want to use or modify!
  • Send invitations: Click this once you’ve added students, teachers, and staff members and reviewed your settings, to invite your teachers to join the adventure!

Engagement Score

Below the onboarding cards or at the top of the School Dashboard (if you have completed your onboarding) you can find the Engagement Score. This aggregated score lets you know at a glance how engaged students and teachers are at your school. You can see both your current score and a trend over time — and even adjust dates as needed!


The metrics that build your Engagement Score give you a better understanding of how the score is determined and can help you define what "engagement" means at your school.

For example, if your school is more focused on behaviors than game activity, you may want to consider the “Behaviors use” more importantly.

User overview

Below the Engagement Score, you can find the user overview, which details how many teachers and students have been assigned to this school. Teachers can be:

  • Pending: They were added to the school by an administrator, but they have yet to be invited and create their account.
  • Onboarding: They have finished setting up their account but did not create their first class yet or finish their initial setup.
  • Playing: They’re already playing Classcraft.

On the other hand, students can be:

  • Playing: They have an account and character and they’re already playing Classcraft with one or more teachers.
  • Not playing: Their account was created in the district or School Dashboard, but they haven’t accessed it yet.


If you're a school administrator of a school not in a district playing Classcraft, you can add teachers and students here by clicking the appropriate button.


When your Engagement Score is available, we share a list of key areas you can focus on to improve your score over time. The suggestions provided come directly from the data collected to generate your Engagement Score.

Navigating the School Dashboard


On the School Dashboard, the sidebar navigation enables you to view the following sections:

  • District Dashboard: If you’re a district administrator viewing a School Dashboard, click on this to return to your District Dashboard.
  • School — Overview: Return to the default view of the School Dashboard.
  • School — Student behavior: Details the most used positive and negative behaviors.
  • School — Student engagement: View how much students use Classcraft and what they do when logged in.
  • School — Teacher engagement: View how much and how teachers use Classcraft.
  • School — Kudos: View the uplifting messages students send another and create presentations to share and display in school.
  • School — Student Boost: Reward the positive behavior of any student in school with Experience Points or Gold Pieces.
  • School — School Store: Sell items from the school's store, purchased with the Gold Pieces earned in Classcraft.
  • School — Analytics: Analyze any specific student's behavior over time.
  • School Kits — Goals: Define broad and more specific expectations for students in your school, also known as “benchmarks” in MTSS. 
  • School Kits — Tier 1: Define the behaviors you expect students to display or not as school, the powers that will be available to them, the pledges they may make after misbehaving, and the various schoolwide settings.
  • School Kits — Tiers 2 & 3: Create and manage expected behaviors for groups of students and specific students.
  • Users — Students: Add and manage students for your school if you’re not part of a district using Classcraft. Otherwise, this is handled by your district administrator.
  • Users — Staff members
  • Users — Teachers
  • Templates: Browse and import Classcraft-created templates for Tier 1 (universal) intervention.
  • Classes: View and manage classes created by teachers at your school.
  • Security settings: Decide if you want Classcraft to track IP addresses and filter for profanities.

Click on your profile icon in the top right corner to edit your profile or log out of Classcraft. You can also check out news by clicking on the microphone icon beside your profile icon!