District Dashboard overview

The District Dashboard is where you can manage and access the different schools in your district.

In this article, learn more about:

District overview



For admins who have yet to complete their onboarding, the upper part of the District Dashboard explains what the following steps are:

  • View templates: Check the list of Classcraft-created templates and import any that you want to use or modify!
  • Manage administrator: If you're going to manage all the schools in your district yourself, you can skip this. Otherwise, consider adding at least one administrator for each of the schools that will be playing Classcraft.

Note: If a school is missing from your district, make sure to contact your Account Executive so it can be added!

Once you’re done setting up, these cards will automatically disappear.

Schools list


Below the onboarding cards or at the top of the District Dashboard (if you have completed your onboarding) you can see a list of schools that are currently playing Classcraft, if any. In this table you’ll see:

  • The school name
  • The number of teachers
  • The number of students
  • The current Engagement Score (if it’s not yet available, this instead says Coming soon)

Click on any school that's already playing to view its School Dashboard and find out more detailed information!

When viewing a School Dashboard, click on its name and select another school to view its dashboard. To return to the District Dashboard, click on the Classcraft logo or on District Dashboard in the sidebar navigation.

Below, there's the list of schools that are not currently set up or playing Classcraft.


For them to become active:

  • Add administrators (if any), teachers, and students
  • Click the Invite school button.

If you added administrators, they’ll be invited to review the settings you provided as well as their roster. When they’re ready, they'll have to invite their school for their teachers and students to join the adventure!

If no school administrator was selected, inviting the school will automatically invite teachers to join.

Navigating the District Dashboard


On the District Dashboard, the sidebar navigation enables you to view the following sections:

  • District overview: Return to the default view of the dashboard
  • School Kits — Goals: Define broad and more specific expectations for students in your district, also known as “benchmarks” in MTSS.
  • School Kits — Tier 1: Define the behaviors you expect students to display or not as school, the powers that will be available to them, the pledges they may make after misbehaving, and the various districtwide or schoolwide settings.
  • School Kits — Tiers 2 & 3: Create and manage expected behaviors for groups of students and specific students.
  • District information — Administrators: Add and manage administrators for the schools in your district.
  • District information — Students
  • District information — Staff members
  • District information — Teachers
  • Templates: Browse and import Classcraft-created templates for Tier 1 (universal) intervention.

Click on your profile icon in the top right corner to edit your profile or log out of Classcraft. You can also check out news by clicking on the microphone icon beside your profile icon!