Classcraft integration with Clever

If your school or district uses Clever, you and your teachers can leverage its integration with Classcraft. First, make sure you add Classcraft to your Clever Dashboard:

  1. On your Clever Dashboard, select Customize Portal
  2. Click Add Link next to the category under which you want the Classcraft to appear
  3. Search for Classcraft
  4. Click the application in the list to add it to your portal
  5. Select Save Changes when you're done

You can learn more about customizing your Clever portal here.

If you want to roster your staff and students using Clever, let your Classcraft Account Executive know so they can help you set this up! When you roster Classcraft using Clever:

  • Teachers, staff members, and students are automatically added to your Classcraft roster
  • Classes are automatically created and assigned to teachers
  • Students are assigned to all the correct classes as needed
  • When a new year starts, you only need to manage any tags created manually on Classcraft

Whether you choose to roster using Clever or not, teachers in your district can choose to launch Classcraft through your Clever Dashboard. When a teacher launches Classcraft this way:

  • If they already have a Classcraft account, they'll be prompted to link their Classcraft and Clever accounts
  • If they don't have a Classcraft account yet, they'll go through the flow of account creation, which will automatically link their Classcraft and Clever accounts.