Mastery — Reviewing negative behaviors and pledges

Hearts and pledges are only available when you reach the Mastery phase! Your school admins may limit which phase you can reach so it's possible you can't complete this step.

The Mastery phase unlocks the full Classcraft experience, with all the bells and whistles! Negative behaviors and Hearts management core features here.

When a student behaves well or succeeds in class, you give them Experience Points or Gold Pieces.

When they misbehave, you'll now be able to remove something. Hearts are a new stat that's represented by a heart icon. How many Hearts a student has depends on their character class (Guardians have the most, Mages the least).

Losing Hearts, however, has no immediate consequence. Only when a student repeatedly misbehaves may they risk falling and having to commit to a pledge.

Learn more about Hearts and pledges here.


As part of a school license, your admin has already selected the behaviors they want students to work on. This means that you'll need to review the behaviors that were picked for you, but you won't have to come up with any (although you can create custom behaviors later on!)

First, to learn how these new concepts work and interact with one another:

  1. Open the class progression
  2. Click the Hearts, pledges, and regeneration card
  3. Read through the tutorial
  4. When you're done, click the Review negative behaviors and pledges card
  5. Review both the negative behaviors your school want to focus on and the pledges students may receive when they display too many negative behaviors
  6. When you're finished reviewing, click Done to return to the class progression

This is the last setup step in the whole class progression!

Once you get to this point, your class is fully set up but if you want to customize it further, check out the class settings!