Collaboration — Enabling character classes and setting up teams

Character classes are only available in from the Collaboration phase onward! Your school admins may limit which phase you can reach so it's possible you can't complete this step.

Once you feel ready, move on to the Collaboration phase and read the Character classes and their powers tutorial from your class progression. If you want to use teams in your classroom, also consider reading the Teams tutorial.

There are three character classes in Classcraft (excluding the Explorer):

  • The Guardians
  • The Mages
  • The Healers 

Each character class has unique powers, gear, and pets. To see every rewards your students can acquire, check out the three character classes Level Track in your demo class.

Note: To view a student's Level Track, click on their level in the profile view.

Make sure there's at least one character of every character class on every team (if you use them) so your students have access to all the different collaborative powers.

As soon as your class is in the Collaboration phase, your students will be able to select a character class. You do not need to enable the selection.

At this point, students who already have an account will be prompted to select one of three character classes. If your students don't have accounts, you can select their character classes for them:

  • Access your Class Dashboard
  • Click the gear icon in the lefthand sidebar navigation to view your class settings
  • In the Students section, click the pencil icon on an student's list to view their profile
  • If no character has been set up already, click the Set up button or;
  • If a character was set up earlier, click the pencil icon under Character
  • Select your student's character class
  • Click Next
  • Select the character appearance and click Save

The very last setup step occurs in the Mastery phase, when you review the negative behaviors and pledges for your classes!