Exploration — Inviting your students

Spent some time in Discovery? Want more customization and engagement for your students? Maybe it's time to consider moving on to the Exploration phase!

In the Exploration phase, you'll be able to invite your students to create their very own accounts. Once a student has their account, they'll be able to:

  • Activate their own powers
  • Pick their character appearance (unless it's already been selected)
  • Purchase and equip gear for their character
  • Train pets to earn more Gold Pieces and equip them
  • Communicate with you directly through Classcraft

This may seem like a lot, but having more to do in Classcraft keeps students engaged and motivated. There are a lot of new features for you in this phase for you as well, but for now, let's focus on how to invite students! Before you start, it's recommended that you read the Characters, pets, and Gold Pieces tutorial to better know what to expect.

Once you're ready:

  • Open your class progression
  • Click the Unlock class for students card
  • Read the explanation and click Review student list
  • Review the list and click Unlock class

This step is not mandatory at all: you can manage the whole game experience without students ever creating an account.

Because you're in a school license, your students' email addresses are already entered in the system. You can give the list a quick review to make sure it makes sense, and click Unlock class when you're done. 

By inviting students this way, they'll automatically receive an email on their school email and be invited to create their account from there.

If your students don't have access to their email address inbox or if, for some reason, the message never reaches them, you can instead download the PDF with the student codes so they manually can create their account.


Give your students their unique Student Code (be sure to give the correct code for each student, the codes can only be used once each!) and ask them to enter it at https://accounts.classcraft.com/student.

You may notice on your codes document that there are also parent codes. That's right! Parents can also join the adventure. Learn more about this here.

Once your students have created their very own account, a short introduction will remind them how Classcraft works.

Afterward, they'll get to pick their character appearance. For now, this is purely cosmetic: all students have the same exact powers as long as they're the same level. No need to worry about having to learn what the different character classes are or how powers or gear can differ!

When you're ready, invite your students to select a character class and create teams in the Collaboration phase.