Introduction — Starting Discovery

Now that you've completed your Introduction, you're ready to start the Discovery phase, where the adventure truly begins! To start this new phase and unlock the basic set of Class Tools:

  1. Open your class progression
  2. Click on the last card of the Introduction, Continue to Discovery phase
  3. Watch the video for a preview of what's coming up
  4. Click the Unlock phase button

In the Discovery phase, you can highlight your students' positive behaviors and gamify your class with four different Class Tools: the stopwatch, the timer, the Volume Meter, and the Random Picker. Your students also earn Crystals by leveling up and use these Crystals to activate their special powers.

If you need more information on any of these features, click on their card in the class progression for a tutorial. These tutorials are not intended for students so you can do it at your convenience!

Once you feel ready and confident, click the Play student video button to watch a video with your students. This video explains to students what Classcraft is, how it works, and ties in the story from the world of Classcraft!

As you give Experience Points to your students, you'll gradually advance in your class progression. Once you fill up the bar, you'll be prompted to move on to the next phase naturally, but you can change whenever you feel comfortable to do so.

In Exploration, students can even have their own accounts!