Introduction — Adding your students

Alright! Your class now has behaviors and powers!

But all of this would be naught without students to play Classcraft with. Adding students to your class:

  • Won't create accounts for your students
  • Won't enable them to access their character or act in Classcraft

For students to join the adventure, they need to be invited, something you'll do later on. First, let's add them to your class.

  • Open your class progression or your guide
  • Click on the first card called Select students from list
  • Read the tutorial and click Continue to begin

Alternatively, you can click the Add students button on your class dashboard.

Because you're part of a school license, you'll have access to the school database. Search for students in the list and select them to add them to your class. To make things easier, you can filter the list using:

  • Name
  • Username
  • Teacher name
  • Tags
  • Grades

Once you've selected all your students, click the Assign to class button and voilà!

If you use Google Classroom in your classroom, you can also use it to add students to your class. To do so, click on the Google Classroom link above the student database:


If it's not already done, link your Google Classroom and Classcraft accounts when prompted. Once you do so, you'll see your class list as well as the students who are in it. Select any number of students and when done click the purple button in the lower right corner.

You'll notice that students have been added to your Class Dashboard, where they are listed alphabetically. Make sure you've got all students and you're set to go!

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