Introduction — Reviewing positive behaviors and powers

Once you create your class, you'll be in the Introduction, which lays out the very first few steps of your Classcraft adventure!

Before you can actually use Classcraft to highlight your students' positive behaviors or all its fun tools, your class needs to be set up. As you advance in the introductory phase, you'll progressively learn about how Classcraft works and set up your class.

This all begins with positive behaviors and powers!

Start by opening your class progression:

  • On your home page, click the Play button for the class you just created
  • On your Class Dashboard, click the button in the class progression bar at the bottom (Usually Begin my class setup)

The class progression screen lays out all of the steps you need to complete to start playing Classcraft with your students and more! Here, you can discover the different features you'll be able to use throughout the year and to complete your class setup.

For now, click on the third card, Experience Points, levels, and powers for an explanation of these fundamental concepts. Click Continue to mark this step as completed.

Now that you know what Experience Points and powers are, return to your class progression and select the second card, Review positive behaviors and powers.

Because your whole school is playing Classcraft, behavior settings and powers have already been picked out by your admins. It's a good idea to review them attentively: if the expectations are clear for you, they'll be easier to explain and uphold for your students.

Click Continue to start the review! You'll first review the expected behaviors, then the powers. Afterward, click Done to return to the class progression screen.

Once your class is fully set up, you can add custom behaviors and edit selected powers. Before doing so, consider the following:

  • Too many different behaviors makes it difficult for students to focus and correct specific behaviors — make sure you work with your school!
  • Having the same behaviors and powers available in all classes help students have a cohesive experience

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