Creating your first class

Now that your school is ready and your account is set up, you can start exploring your home page and create your first class! If you're not familiar with Classcraft, now's a good time to explore the resources in the Classcraft Playground and try out the demo class.

Once you're ready to move on and start your own adventure, click the Create a class button on your home page!


It's possible that your account is all set up and you still can't create a class. Check with your admins to make sure they have Invited their school. Features need to be unlocked by an admin before you can access them!

If your school or district rosters students and teachers using Clever or ClassLink, you may see classes on your home page when you log in, before you've done anything at all! Students have already been assigned to these classes, as well as behavior settings, powers, and pledges. Click on Begin setup to start using such a class.

Enter your class name (i.e. Geography) and select the grade(s) of the students who will be participating in your class.


When you’re ready, click Create my class to complete the class creation process.

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