New Classcraft experience highlights

On July 31, 2022, we're closing the legacy version of Classcraft and you’ll no longer be able to access your classes or content if you're still using it. To continue playing Classcraft, consider switching your account to the new experience. We know this can be daunting and that you may have concerns, but don’t worry, we’ll be right there with you!

Here a few of the core highlights of the new experience:

Chapters and class progression

For teachers who are not yet used to Classcraft, or those who feel they don’t need all the features the full experience has to offer, we’ve segmented the game into four distinct chapters. Each chapter presents new features going from very simple (such as giving Experience Points to students without avatars and the Volume Meter) to far more complex (such as negative behaviors and Hearts and Boss Battles).

Your progress is directly tied to how many Experience Points you give students, but you can choose which chapter you’re most comfortable with and stay there as long as you want or need. Learn more about chapters and the class progression here.


No characters or accounts needed

Once you create a new class, you can input your student list and start playing right away: no need for them to be invited or to create their own accounts. They don’t even need a character! If you want, you can simply play Classcraft with a list of student names.

As you progress through the experience, however, and become more used to how it works, your students can choose their own avatar and character class as they can in the current version. Learn more about student accounts and characters here.

Level Track & powers

Instead of using Action Points to activate their unique powers, students now use a resource called Crystals. Whenever they level up, students gain one Crystal. Universal powers shared by all students cost one Crystal. This means that students can use a single power every time they level up.

Instead of earning Power Points and spending them to progress on their power trees, students automatically learn all the powers they have access to as soon as they level up. This means that you won’t have to memorize all the power trees, and that, for examples, all Guardians in your class will have the same powers, as long as they're the same level. Learn more about crystals and powers here.


For a full list of features and differences between the legacy and new versions, click here!

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