Setting up ClassLink with Classcraft

Classcraft can speak with your SIS (Student Information System) through ClassLink for rostering. For this feature to work properly, you’ll first need to set up ClassLink’s API. Let’s see how this works.

You’ll first need to add Classcraft to your ClassLink account:

  1. Sign in to your ClassLink admin account
  2. Click Apps
  3. Click the +Add button on the righthand side
  4. In the search box, type Classcraft
  5. Click the +Add button
  6. Select Full permissions
  7. Click Yes, Enable

Once you’ve set up Classcraft in your ClassLink account, contact your Classcraft Solutions Advisors so they can continue the setup process.

Once the full setup is complete, Classcraft will be able to get information from your SIS to roster your students (including the classes they’re assigned to and their grades), teachers, and staff.

If you need more help for this setup step, check out ClassLink's article on adding roster server applications!