How does Multi-Class work in the new experience?

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If you have a school license, students in your class may be playing Classcraft with other teachers using the same character. These students are considered “Multi-Class.”

In effect, there’s very little difference between a regular and a Multi-Class student. Most game parameters are set by your school administration (such as the Heart and Crystal regeneration and level cap). As such, these parameters will not change regardless of how many classes a student uses the same character in. For instance, the number of Experience Points required to level up depends on a student’s grade level rather than on how many classes they’re in.

That being said, if a student is in classes that are at different phases, their stats or appearance may be different from other students in their classes. For example, a Mage who’s in the Mastery phase with their English Teacher and in the Collaboration phase with their Math teacher, will have a total of 6 Crystals, even in their Math class.

Similarly, while powers are unlocked according to a student’s level, the description of powers (except game-based powers) may be different from one class to another, meaning that the powers students can use will vary.

To view the classes (and teachers!) students in your classes are assigned to proceed to your class settings and click on Multi-Class on the lefthand navigation.

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There is no Multi-Class functionality in the new experience for free and Premium licenses, Teacher Connect having been phased out in July 2021. If a student is playing in more than one free or Premium classes, they'll need one account per class.