Grade Converter (Treasures of Tavuros)

Important note! The Grade Converter currently does not work with Google Classroom in the New Experience. This is something our team is actively investigating!

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With the Grade Converter, you can transform the results of any quiz, test, or exam into Experience Points for students who perform really well! You can also remove Health for students who have poor grades.

To use the Grade Converter:

  1. Click the Class Tools (mceclip0.png) icon in the sidebar navigation
  2. Select the Grade Converter
  3. Enter the name of the evaluation (will appear in the game feed)
  4. Enter the maximum possible grade attainable
  5. Enter every student's grade
  6. Click Award points
  7. Click Continue

If you're using Google Classroom, click Import grades manually in the lower right corner to manually enter grades.


For every point over the passing grade that students earn, they’ll gain Experience Points as a bonus. This encourages students to study harder and push themselves to greater academic achievements.

If students score below the passing grade, they might even lose some Health. By default, this setting is turned off, but you can activate it through your class settings. If your class tends to struggle with test performance, losing Health over test results may be demotivating.

In your class settings, you can adjust the passing grade, how much Experience Points is gained for points above it, and how much Health is lost for points below.

Note: The Grade Converter does not store student scores.

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