Timer (White Mountain)

The White Mountain feature is a classic timer that you can use for any in-class activity.

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To start the timer:

  1. On your Class Dashboard, click the Class Tools (mceclip1.png) icon
  2. Select the Timer
  3. Enter the time you want the activity to last (default is 5 minutes, maximum is 99:99)
  4. Click Start to begin the countdown

While you’re on the timer screen, you can take the following actions:

  • Pause and resume the timer
  • Reset to start the timer over
  • Finish to complete the activity and reward students (if you want)

While the Timer is active, you can navigate to different parts of Classcraft and it will remain active as long as you remain in the same class.

You could select random students to answer questions, view your quests, or even set a timer for students to enter Kudos while you display the class wall.


When you’re done, click Finish and decide if you want to give a reward to your students. You can choose to reward students or whole teams.

  • Click Students to return to the Class Dashboard where you can reward one or more students (with Select multiple)
  • Click Teams to view the list view and reward teams accordingly

The timer is also an excellent way to show students how much time they have remaining during tests and quizzes. Just keep it displayed on the projector as they work!

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