Why can't I use class codes and how can students join my class?

The class code is a legacy feature no longer supported in the new experience.

What was the class code?

Every single class in the legacy version of Classcraft had a unique code called the Class Code.

This code could be used by any and all students who already had an account to join a class. The class code was often used at the beginning of a semester or school year, after a student’s character was archived.

You may have noticed that the class code is nowhere to be found in the new Classcraft experience. The decision to remove the class code was made to keep the experience simpler and in an effort to better align with the phasing out of Teacher Connect for teachers with single licenses.

But, what does this mean for you, and for your students? Let’s see! First, do you have …

Single licenses (free or Premium)

Sometimes, in a class, you’ll have some students who have played the year before, some who didn't, and some who are already playing Classcraft in another class or with another teacher. Because of the way the application was structured, there were different ways to add all these students and it could easily become overwhelming for teachers.

To streamline the process of adding students, and considering that Teacher Connect was phased out with the new Experience, we have removed the class code.

Students now need one account for each class they participate in. This means a student will have different logins for different classes.

When you want to invite students to create accounts for your class, you can do so from your class settings. You have the following options:

  • Sending out an email (for this purpose, students can use the same email address over and over again) — This is the recommended method!
  • Giving students their unique student code to create an account at https://accounts.classcraft.com/signup/student

A few things of note:

  • While students can be invited to several classes with a single email address, each address can still only be used once as account credentials. For subsequent accounts, students will need to select a unique username.
  • If a student is already logged into an account, ask them to log out before clicking the link in their email.

School license

Because students are expected to play Classcraft year after year in the same school, the class code was a nifty trick to make the initial rostering faster. Unfortunately, it only worked once students had already archived their characters and caused all sorts of problems.

At the moment, when your school or district admins create the student database, student emails are automatically imported at the same time. You'll use the student database to add students to your class, but when you want to enable them to play their own characters, you'll have to invite them.

Thankfully, inviting your students to join your class, regardless of their account status, is only a few clicks away. To do so:

  1. Proceed to your class settings
  2. Click Invite students
  3. Click Continue

Students only need to create their accounts once! This means that if they created an account in another class, you won’t need to invite them again.

If you have specific questions about inviting your students or creating their accounts, please reach out to support@classcraft.com.