The Random Picker (Wheel of Destiny)

With the Wheel of Destiny, you can select a random student or team. Try it to call upon students during class to answer questions. It keeps kids on their toes!

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To access the Random Picker:

  1. Click the Class Tools icon in the sidebar navigation
  2. Select the Random Picker (Wheel of Destiny) in the tools list

Then, decide if you want to select a student or a team.

Randomly selected students are displayed with their team crest (if any). If you selected a random team, you’ll see its crest and all the team members. Note that for the purpose of the Random Picker, all unassigned students count as a single team.

To reward your student’s behavior with Experience Points, click the purple + button to open your positive behaviors. You can even use a Quick reward for something exceptional!

Alternatively, click on the button to modify points manually or create whole new behaviors.


The counter on the Wheel of Destiny keeps track of the students or teams that have been selected. This ensures that the same isn’t called upon twice in the same sequence. After selecting a random student or team, you can pick another random student by clicking the button with the wheel in the bottom right.

Click the Reset button to set the tracker to zero and enable already selected students or teams to be selected again.

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As Gold Pieces unlock in Chapter 2, from that moment on, randomly picked students or teams may receive Gold Pieces, provided that you have a Premium or school license.

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When Health unlocks in Chapter 4, you can start removing Health and using your negative behaviors list for the randomly selected students and teams.

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