The Volume Meter (Makus Valley)

The Volume Meter is a tool that measures your classroom volume in real-time and encourages students to remain quiet during class. Available starting from Chapter 1, it’s one of the first tools you can use with your students.

Let’s see how it works!

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Because the Volume Meter requires access to your microphone, connect to Classcraft on a supported browser such as Google Chrome or Edge.

To access the Volume Meter:

  1. Click Class Tools on your sidebar navigation
  2. Select Volume Meter (The Makus Valley) in the tools selection

Once you're in the Volume Meter, start by setting a reward in Experience Points. All the students in your class (except those marked as absent) will receive the full reward for participating the activity.

If you want, you can even set a timer for the Volume Meter to make it stop automatically once time runs out!


Next, set the max volume. If your browser asks for access to your microphone, grant it for the Volume Meter to work properly. Ask students to make a lot of noise so you can determine what is “too much” volume for your classroom.

Move the pink indicator to set the threshold, which you can readjust this indicator anytime the meter is active.


Once you click Start, feel free to move away from the Volume Meter page and navigate to anywhere else in the game.

The meter will appear as a banner at the top of your game screen and fully function as long as you remain in this class.


If the Volume Meter determines that your class was too loud but don't want your students penalized (like if the bell rang loudly!), click False alarm to null any consequence. Otherwise, you can click Keep going to resume the activity, but the rewards will be halved.

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Starting in Chapter 2, you can reward your students with Gold Pieces for this class tool, provided that you have a Premium or school license. Note that like Experience Points rewards, they’ll get halved every time students go over the threshold you set!

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As Health unlocks in Chapter 4, at that point, you can decide to remove Health from students when they are too loud. When you set up the Volume Meter, decide the number of heart_40px.png that students will be penalized with.

Because these are taken off every time a student is too loud, make sure to keep this value low (1 or 2 heart_40px.png at most!)

The activity won’t be interrupted for you to deal with the damage, rather, the damage will automatically go in the delayed damage queue. Use the False alarm option to avoid students losing Health. Click Keep going to halve the rewards and make students lose the amount of Health you decided.


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