What happens when I click "LET'S GO"?

You know that there’s a new version of Classcraft and you’re wondering … should I click that enticing LET'S GO button? Will upgrading ruin all the setups I made so far? Fear not, we’re here for you!

Before you switch, a few things to consider:

  1. Once you switch to the newer version, you can’t return to the current version of Classcraft
  2. The switch happens on a per-account basis, you can’t switch some classes and not others
  3. If you're part of a school license, your administrators will decide when you switch to the new experience

Alright! So now that you know this, what happens when you switch?

You can also learn about the general differences between the current version and the new experience here!

1. Archive classes with Multi-Class students

free.png premium.png

If you have a free or Premium account, you’ll first have to archive any class in which any number of students are Multi-Class. This feature is no longer supported for single teacher licenses and will no longer function even in the current or new version. As such, classes with Multi-Class students need to be archived first.

2. Short presentation introducing the new experience

Whether you’re already actively using Classcraft with your students or not, we’ll first introduce you to the new experience. These slides explain...

  • Chapters
  • The class progression
  • Tutorial cards
  • How our Learning Specialists will be right there with you!

3. Chapters for each of your classes

While your whole account will switch to the new experience at once, if you already have created classes, some changes will occur on a per-class basis. The chapter a class begins at depends on your current roster:

3a. Classes in which no student had a character already

Classes in which your students have no characters will start in Chapter 1. As such, you’ll start at the beginning of the class progression and may start your adventure from the very beginning.

3b. Classes in which at least one student had an active character

If there’s at least one student with an active character in your class, it will start at Chapter 4 and be ready for you to continue using Classcraft normally. On your Class Dashboard, click the class progression bar to access help and information.

4. Your updated classes

4a. Things that don’t change

A lot of things will remain the same when you start the new experience at Chapter 4 — after all, Chapter 4 is the whole Classcraft experience! Here are a few things you can expect to remain the same:

  • Your students’ level
  • Core mechanics and Class Tools (learn more)
  • Character classes (if any)
  • Any content you created such as Formative Reviews and Quests
  • Gold Pieces total
  • Purchased pets and gear

4b. Immediate changes

If you were already playing Classcraft, you’ll immediately notice some changes to your interface and some parts of the experience.

  • The Game Dashboard becomes a Class Dashboard
    Instead of focusing your view on a single student, you can now view your whole class at a glance and easily give points to one or more students. You can still access the profile view by hovering your mouse over a student icon and selecting View profile.

  • No character role
    Once you are in Chapter 3, your students will still be Guardians, Healers, and Mages. In Chapter 2, they can have a character that has no class-specific powers or roles.

  • Powers are no longer purchased with Power Points
    In the new experience, powers are entirely dependent on a student’s character level. This means that if a student had spent their Power Points to acquire a power that’s beyond their level, they’ll lose access to it.
    Example: A level 7 Guardian in the current experience could have unlocked Protect 3. When you switch to the new experience, this Guardian will still be level 7; however, Protect 3 being a level 29 power, they’ll no longer have access to it.

  • Purchased gear is still accessible but others are level-locked
    We’re changing level scaling and how often students level up. Because everything is now level-dependent, gear unlocks have been spread out across levels and don’t happen at every level. If a student had access to a gear set and purchased a few pieces, they may be too low level to access this gear set in the new experience. They’ll still have access to the pieces they purchased but will not be able to purchase other pieces of the same gear set.
    Example: A level 7 Healer in the current version has unlocked the Bard set. They purchased the headgear and pants. After the switch, they’re still level 7, but the Bard set is, on the other hand, level 18. The student can still equip their Bard headgear and pants but could not purchase the Bard boots.

  • Unlocked pets remain unlocked but others are level-locked
    Directly influenced by gear, pets also depend on the student’s level in the new experience. However, if a student purchased a complete gear set and unlocked the pet, they’ll still be able to train said pet in the new experience.
    Example: A level 4 Healer unlocked Ivy, the level 3 Herbalist pet. When you switch to the new experience, the Healer remains level 4, but the Herbalist gear becomes available at level 12. Because your student has unlocked Ivy, they’ll still be able to send their pet on training missions.

  • Health Points become Health and values become smaller
    All Heath Points values will be converted to Health (heart.png) and the values will also be a lot smaller. This means that the following will change accordingly:
    • Student current and max Health
    • Behavior Health value
    • Random Event effects
    • Formative Reviews boss Health and damage
    • Daily regeneration (if any)
  • Action Points become Crystals and values become smaller
    The concept of Action Points (AP) is changing to Crystals, a resource that students spend to use their powers. Much like Health, the values will be a lot smaller than in the current experience. This means that the following will change accordingly:
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