Student accounts and character classes

Classcraft can work with or without student accounts so whether you want your students to have their own accounts or to manage Classcraft with your teacher account is entirely up to you. 

Let’s see how it works! In this article, learn more about:

Playing Classcraft without student accounts

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When starting the adventure, you may feel unsure about inputting your students’ information directly into Classcraft, or you may want to have more control over what’s happening in your classroom while you’re still learning the ropes, which is great!

As long as you remain in the Discovery phase, Classcraft will function properly without ever asking you to invite your students, create their accounts, or provide their email addresses.

When you set up a newly-created class, you’ll be prompted to add students to your roster. If you missed this step, you can activate it manually:

  1. From your home page, click Play to open your class
  2. On your Class Dashboard, click the class progression bar
  3. Select Enter student names or Select students from list (if you're part of a school or district license)
  4. Click Continue
  5. When you’re ready click Save or Assign to class

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To add your students to your class, input their first and last names in the text field.

Hot tip! Instead of manually entering your student’s name, you can copy and paste the information from a text document! You can use either of the following format for text:

First name Last name

Last name, First name


Students at your school are added to a Student Database by the administrators. You can pick and choose students from the list to add them to your class.

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Once you’ve added students, they’ll appear on your student list. Because they don’t have a character yet (these become available in the Exploration phase), their icon is the first letter of their name.

Even if your students can’t log in, they’re definitely part of the adventure! As the teacher, you can:

  • Give students points for their behavior in class
  • Mark students as absent
  • Use students’ powers from the profile view
  • Use the Volume Meter, Timer, and Stopwatch (these are class activities, after all!)
  • Randomly select students

The following features will not be available for students who don’t have accounts:


  • Gear
  • Pet training
  • Quests
  • Messaging
  • Kudos

Student accounts

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As you start the Exploration phase, you’ll be prompted to invite your students to join the adventure. Several features rely on students having their own account and cannot function without it (such as Quests or Messaging.)

If you missed the Invite students step, there are a few places for you to complete this step: 

  • In your class progression, open the Add students tutorial
  • On your Class Dashboard, you may have an Invite students button
  • In your class settings


Regardless of how you reach this screen, you’ll have to decide if you want to invite students via emails or codes.


Under school licenses, students already have an account that’s created by your administrators. You’ll still need to invite students to join your class so they can participate. You can invite them only using email!

Inviting students via email

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This is the simplest way to invite students and we highly recommend trying it!

Input each student’s email address in the Student email column and click Invite students in the lower right corner.

Your students will receive instructions via email to create their accounts and log in.

Account creation via email

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When creating an account using an email, several steps are already completed for your students. Students receive an email in their inbox and once they open it, they need to click Join class and decide how they want to create their account.

Students can then decide to sign up using an SSO account, which they’ll need to use every time they want to log in (we support Google, ClassLink, Microsoft, Clever, Facebook, and Apple accounts).

Otherwise, they can click on Use username to select a unique username and password, which they’ll use every time they log in.

Inviting students via student codes

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If your students don’t have email addresses or you don’t have access to them, you can instead use student codes. In the invitation screen, click Download this PDF.

On the PDF, you’ll see each student’s code as well as their parent’s code. When they create their accounts, they’ll need to provide this code. You can also find the student codes in the student section of your class settings.

Account creation with the student code

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To create a student account using a student code:

  1. Proceed to the signup page:
  2. Select I’m a Student
  3. Enter your student code
    Note: Be careful! Each student has a unique student code, make sure you give the right code to your students.
  4. Click Next

Students can then decide to sign up using a SSO account, which they’ll need to use every time they want to log in (we support Google, ClassLink, Microsoft, Clever, Facebook, and Apple accounts).

Otherwise, they can click on Use username to select a unique username and password, which they’ll use every time they log in.

Inviting students via Google Classroom

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To make adding students to your class even faster, you can click the Google Classroom link in the add student screen.

You can then select the class you want to add student from and as many of the students you want to add. Click Assign to class to add your students to your roster.


Transferring students from one class to another

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Teachers who are not in organization may need to transfer a student from one of their class to another one of their class. This could be because of a schedule change or any other reason. This is something you can do easily without any loss to the student's data! To transfer a student:

  1. Proceed to your class settings
  2. Select Students
  3. Find your student on the student list and click the pencil icon
  4. Under Assigned to, select the class you want to assign this student to
  5. Click the purple Save button
  6. Make sure you're ok with the changes and click Confirm

Your student won't lose their progress: their character, level, pets, gear, powers, etc. will remain the same.

Content that is specific to your class, such as quest progress, assignments, messages, and outstanding pledges will disappear. Kudos, pending or approved, will remain, however!

If you transfer the same student back to their original class, their content may reappear, however, some will be lost forever, such as assignments.

Joining a new class

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Students in the school’s Student Database may not need to create an account: maybe they’ve already signed up as part of another teacher’s class.

If your students already have an account, the email will instead add them to your class and enable them to log in rather than guiding them through the account creation process.

free.png Tag-Premium-Fr-1.png

If you have an individual license, even if you invite a student who already has an account, they'll have to create a new account with new credentials to join your class. You can, however, use the same email address to invite them again.

Character appearance and pets

When students join your class, if this is their first or only class, they’ll need to select a character who will represent them in Classcraft. As the game unfolds and they gain experience, they’ll be able to customize their characters and make them uniquely theirs, something intrinsically motivating for students!

As soon as your students have their own accounts, they’ll be able to use powers themselves, purchase gear, train their pets and use some more features, alleviating some of the pressure on you, the teacher!


Gear sets are limited to up to level 16 for free users and students don’t gain access to pets.

Character classes

Explorer, the base class

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When they first create their accounts, students need to choose their character’s appearance. Because there are no character classes yet, the only difference between characters is their appearance.

There are three gear sets available for all students that they can browse and purchase as they want, according to their level (check out the Level Track for more information on that!)

Tag-Premium-En-1.png Tag-School-En-1.png

With each of these gear sets, they can unlock one pet to train and eventually equip to appear beside their character!

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In the Collaboration phase, students (or yourself) will be able to choose a specific character class, each with its unique powers, gears, and pets.

Let's see how each character class works when everything's unlocked!


To view how the character classes work in the Proactive mode, check out this Knowledge center article: Proactive mode powers and damage


Guardians are a good pick for students who may struggle in class and risk the most losing Hearts. They have the most Hearts (16 heart_40px.png) but can’t use their powers as often as they can only ever hold up to 4 Crystals. Their unique powers include protecting other students, preventing them from losing some Hearts.


Healers are balanced characters: they have average Hearts (10 heart_40px.png) and can hold up to 5 Crystals. They’re responsible for keeping their team’s Hearts as high as possible with powers like Heal. They can even heal themselves when needed!

Their Restoration power prevents a teammate from suffering any penalty from falling, preventing the whole team from subsequently losing Hearts.


Mages are great for students who already do well in class. Because they have the least Hearts (6 heart_40px.png), they’re the most vulnerable. They can have more Crystals (up to 6), however, enabling them to use their powers more often.

Mages help their teammates by replenishing their Crystals with powers like Psionic Aura. They can also use Altered Destiny, which enables a student to get a different random pledge.