Create a class

The first step in being Classcraft-ready is to create your class! After creating and logging into your account, navigate your home page to get started. 

In this article, learn about:

Creating a class

Before creating your first class (or after!), if you’d like to see what an actual class looks like, click the Explore the Demo Class button that can be found in the Classcraft Playground section on the right. Learn more about the Demo Class here!

When you are ready to make your own class, click Add a class in the upper part of your home page.

After you do click Add a class, give your class a name and select what school level the class is. The four options for school level are Early Elementary, Elementary, Middle, and High School. If you've already created a class you can instead import settings from another class!

There are a few more options you can choose from:

The setup type determines the experience you'll be getting:

  • By selecting the Step by step setup, you'll have the full class progression. This is the default option for your first class.
  • Select Quick setup for a faster, leaner experience that gives you access to all the features with only a few setup steps. This is the default option for all classes after the first.

You can also select the language for this class (let's say you're a French second language teacher) if it's different from your account's language.


Click Confirm to confirm your class creation.

You’ll then be able to see your newly created class on your home page. To go into the class and view it, press Play located on the right side of the class bar. From this screen, you will be able to access everything you need to run your Classcraft class. To continue your class setup, click the class progression bar at the bottom of the screen.

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In the Advanced options, you can select whether you want to use the Reactive mode (traditional gameplay mechanics) or the Proactive mode (revamped gameplay mechanics).


If you have a district license, you may be assigned to multiple schools. When that happens, after clicking Add a class, you'll be prompted to select which school this class is for. Click on its icon to continue.

Additionally, teachers with district or school license can select the specific grade level as specified by your school administrators (usually this is K-12).

Classes created through ClassLink or Clever


If your school or district rosters students and teachers using Clever or ClassLink, classes may have already been created for you. This means your class will already have students, behavior settings, powers, and pledges.

Click on Begin setup to start setting up such a class.

Importing class settings 

If you’ve already created a class and want to use the same settings for a new class, start creating your class. Select to import another class’s settings during the creation process. Note that only the settings for currently completed phases will be imported this way.